Nov 10, 2006

field trips and shopping

Pictured here is the butterfly challenge that I should be sewing on. Didn't stick one stitch in in yesterday with all that shopping and running around. The alternating block is shown at left and below what the 6 main blocks will look like along with the pieced setting and corner triangles. The 1st border is pieced into the triangles actually in this pattern. It is an on point set.

The color is off though. That is muslin in the background, hot pink, cheddar yellow and a turqouise band to set them off. The purple looks right but the pink looks coral in the shot below and then the yellow is not right. I think part of the problem is the flourescent bulbs in my sewing room.

9 of us went on the outing yesterday and we left here around 10 CT for the Joann's in Douglasville, GA. (That is about 60 -70 miles or so from here.) I didn't find any fabric that I could not leave behind though I was dragging that round robin with me looking for background "paperbag" color. When I spotted a cart laden with about 10-12 bolts that needed cutting, I put the only piece I had entertained getting (an olive green) back. No books I wanted, no patterns I couldn't live without. Since I had a 40% off coupon, I DID get a pair of 4 inch Gingher embroidery scissors to replace the pair that I lost in the couch frame last year. (Nope, those things are never coming out--we turned it every which way and took a goodly bit of the cloth thing on the bottom off---no luck) 16 dollars and change.

We lunched at the Golden Corral near the shopping center. For a moment I thought that the girl had given me a senior citizen rate for my meal. Turned it was after 2 in Georgia time and we had gotten in at the Early Bird rate, LOL. Lots of things to chose from there.

Then we headed back towards Alabama and exited the interstate for Bowden and a small quilt shop. Oh, oh no one there and a sign that says "be right back" We had this same problem last we went but two ladies who were also waiting said to check with the shop two doors down as they might now what was up. Apparently the owner had decided to take the rest of the week off and someone had been there in the morning but by 4, was gone. Rats!

We came back home then and ran by Hobby Lobby for me to pick up the muslin bolt I had asked them to get for me. Paula asked and come to think of it, so did the staff in the fabric department "what are you going to do with all that muslin?" Quilt backs and piecing on our donation quilts plus it is narrower than I really wanted so backs will have to be pieced. Two years ago about this time I had a bolt my brother and SIL brought me for Christmas when they visited and I already had a little bit on hand. It might take awhile but I'll use it!!

Today, it is approaching 3 p.m. We walked this morning and were home for about 45 minutes again. DJ wanted to look for his Shoebox Christmas cards early this year as they are picked over if you wait too long. We used to combine this trip to track down a pictorial calendar to hang in the kitchen, often a golf course or something scenic. Found the cards at the 3rd Hallmark shop we went to and then headed over to Cici's for pizza. I have to tell you though that one year, he referred to this excursion as "we should head south one of these days" I got all excited--my home loving hubby wanted to go down to the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach or better yet, back to Belingrath Gardens!! No dice---just 12 miles down the road to the mall area for his goodies. Still haven't been to the beach!

Well, if I am going to get this top done in order to show Cher when she comes on Monday, I best get cracking. Aline and I are going to make a run over to the Birmingham area quilt shops tomorrow and hopefully have better luck hunting for my background fabric plus cash in our $25 dollar gift certificates. By next week he will be saying with some degree of accuracy that "you are never home"

At least the pictures show that I am getting a little sewing done this week--not a lot, but some. Next post, the top. Posted by Picasa


  1. Very nice blocks. I really like the swirl one :-)

  2. Hey Linda, Have you ever tried using the Picasa to change the colors in the pictures? I love the one super fix it button or going to the other screen and moving the buttons to try and get it back to where it should be. I like the UN-do button too!

    It looks great in any colors though! I'll be glad to see it when it gets more completed. Sounds like a good trip all in all, even though some places were closed. That shop will lose customers if she keeps closing for odd reasons!

  3. Hi LInda, love the look of what you are doing with your butterflies. I've been working on my challenge also, but am not showing it as yet..*G* were one "run around Sal" yesterday...I'm sure you got your 10,000 steps in with no problem at all.
    It's frustrating not to find what you are looking for, but more shopping is pending, so the search goes on! Give Cher a hug for me. And I'm leaving one for you, Hugs, Finn

  4. Oh my, I had almost forgotten about Golden Corral. We once lived in NC and it was a favorite for us.

    Sounds like you had a fun day out and about, even if you left a lot in the stores. More for the next group *s*

  5. Quite a bargain on those scissors!


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