Nov 3, 2006

200th post

Well, actually I probably passed that about 2 months back as this is my second blog---I lost about 6 weeks worth of posts at one point and had to start over way back in March. I guess that means that I can pull out some oldies but goodies pictures at some point when I can't refer back to the archives.

Good of all of you to join me along the way--some comment and some don't. Always meeting new people from the world over and adding more blogs to read to bloglines too.

On the quilting front--well, nothing so far today as I have been piddling with some computer downloads and had a couple errands to run. I DID get the little nine patch quilted yesterday afternoon as planned. (Jan and Cindy, the box went out this morning) I am going to work on my toadie BQ though in a few minutes. I may cut out my butterfly challenge top if I had time leftover today---or that gets done first thing tomorrow.

Baked a "Better Than Sex" cake to take to the neighborhood do tomorrow night--I guess that is the name? I got the recipe long ago at a lasagna dinner hosted by on the local churches during the AQS show in Paducah so I doubt they called it that!! If you have ever been there at show time, several of the churches host dinners or luncheons for influx of people as a fund raiser. It provides a nice alternative to heading out to a local restaurant and waiting in line.

The quilt I am showing is one that I made early on for WTIL. I had seen a picture of it in an advertising circular and like the colors etc. I figured that is was based on 4 inch squares and I could figure out how it went together. At the time I was not machine quilting my tops but my buddy Joy was. I took my top over to her house and proudly showed it. She didn't say a word but headed to her sewing room and pulled out HER top which was just about an exact duplicate for mine!! Like minds, I guess. I thought I had a picture somewhere of the two of them side by side but cannot dredge it up to show you. We would have had to have had a 2nd holder though--she owned the digital camera but I was always the quilt holder at the point.

DJ called to switch our satellite TV provider and the servicepersons will be here tomorrow anywhere from 12-5 to do the installation. I don't really care which one we use but I know that I will lose a couple of the channels that I sometimes watch while I am working in my sewing/computer room. The switch will get us use of a DVR player and free movie channels and cost a bit less for short time anyway. The sports channels look interesting though---even though we are "out of market" for our teams (St. Louis Cardinal baseball, Illini basketball, Chicago Bears football) I hope that this change will let us (more like DJ) watch some of these games. The lineup looks like it will be possible. Too late for this year's baseball, of course but college basketball will be starting soon and the Bears are having a great year!

Guess that's it for now if I am going to get any stitching done before supper preparation ensues.......... Posted by Picasa


  1. Pippi is hillarious on those quilts! They always fuss and plump until they get just the right dent then pass out!

    Question...another one I know, how do you know what number post you are on? Somewhere on the Edit list?

    Funny how quilts from friends can end up so similar! You do such lovely work!

  2. I so enjoy how you look at a quilt and figure out how it's made. In a short time you have inspired me to think on my own instead of trying to find a pattern.

  3. Congrats on reaching 200 posts, even if it's a repeat. Your cats are adorable. They definitely like fabric, don't they?

  4. Great cat pictures!

    The little friendship star quilt is nice too - I like the soft colors on the green background. :)

    What site do you play cards on?

  5. Hi Linda, what a pretty little quilt..*VBS* And how great minds do run in the same and Joy both making the same one..I love it!

    I think some time off from quilting and/or piecing gives us a chance to re-energize our core. And when we are reved up, we hit the ground running. Have a great weekend, Hugs, Finn

  6. Here's to your 200th post - on this blog! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all your great photos!



  7. Hi Linda,it is always a pleasure to visit your blog :)))


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