Nov 27, 2006

some people have no clue..........

No picture of completed sewing to show so I'll re-post my favorite picture of Pippi which may have been on my defunct blog. Ignore the unmade bed but she makes it a little difficult to make a bed at times. The quilt? One made for me by the list members of a group I used to moderate--where I met Cher, Pam and Veronica and Ellen the founder of Wrap Them In Love among others. It is reversible with log cabins on one side and Sunbonnet Sue blocks on the other.

It has been one of those days--errands took longer than they should have today. Delays at one store due to lack of personnel. The guy behind me at the self checkout was quite impatient--I know I was exasperating him as I fed change into the machine but hey, there were three other lanes open, he could have gone on when he saw I had a week's worth of groceries. Sheesh. This afternoon I went into make part of our evening meal only to discover that I didn't have one of my grocery sacks--the last one I sacked up that had the celery in it. Not in the car, I know it wasn't in the grocery cart so that left the store---back I go again with receipt. Yep, there it is---surprised Mr. Impatient didn't make off with it.

Then the clincher today---and my reason for saying that some people have no clue. Way back in January-February this year I made this quilt for someone out of her deceased mother's clothing plus bits of my scrap bag. It's full sized but I quilted it on my home machine--ditched in the strips and crosshatched in the plain bands. And I waaaaaaaay undercharged her to do make it---my fault and I learned my lesson. The client was hard to reach, wouldn't call me back when I called etc and I was just happy to be done and paid though it took about 3 months to finally make connections.

Well, she called today and get this, wanted a T-shirt quilt done for her son for Christmas. Like I don't have anything else to do but whip up a quilt for her. There is no way---once I get that king sized t-quilt back I have to bind it as well as quilt the SEC tops, bind, label and put hanging sleeves on them.

I said it would have to go to the long armer as I won't quilt it even if I DID have time and the longarmer is booked up too. I won't get the previous one back until the 2nd week of December. BUT if she were still interested I knew that the longarmer would charge 200-250 dollars for a quilt start to finish. Nope, she didn't want to pay that much as she didn't pay that for this quilt you see here.

I reminded her that I had underestimated my costs and should have charged her at least twice what she paid for it. That was not what I had discussed with her initially so I was not asking for more then. Subsequent quilts would be more, I told her at the time of delivery--she mentioned a t-shirt quilt at a later date. She should consider that rate a gift and my time is worth something. The fabric alone was more than half what she paid for it. One month before Christmas was that later date, I guess. If she can find someone else to do it for cheap, then more power to her but it ain't going to be me. She will get the quality of work that she pays for too.

It took till about 4 till I could get started on fixing the round robin so I can do my work. Her stitching is coming apart in a spots and it flares a bit. I am taking those areas apart and taking a slightly deeper seam to try to bring it back in line a bit. DJ said "why are you doing that and why do you have to keep fixing her work?" Its the last round and too late know to hand it back to her. If she had the skills, she would have done it right to begin with. Then I am stay stitching the edge to keep it from pulling apart on the other seams where they haven't opened up yet. Two sides are patched up at this point.

I already decided that I best stay home tomorrow and work on the robin instead of going to our meeting to pin quilts. Theramae will be the door keeper.

In the midst of that aggravation my husband came in and asked for a seam ripper. His favorite jacket, a birthday present from me from 20 years ago, had shoulder seam coming apart. If he took the stitching out of the lining could I please fix it for him? Hard to tell him "no" if he did half the work plus he was lucky that I didn't have to change thread when he asked, LOL.

Some days it doesn't pay to get up..........sorry for the bitching but it has obviously NOT been my day.


  1. Sounds like a good day to have stayed in bed...which is what I did!!!

    Sorry your day was so full of "interesting" situations.

    I can't believe that gal wanted a quilt in just a few wks time. Obviously she hasn't a clue what is involved, non-quilters wouldn't understand. She got a bargin the first time around and needs to understand you just can't afford to do that again, no matter what time of year it is.

  2. I sure hope tomorrow is a much better day! Once you get that round robin fixed, it should be clear sailing - I know how much you want to be done with this commitment.

  3. You are so right, some people just don't have a clue. I was recently contacted by someone who wanted me to horizontal stitch following the line in the design of some decorator fabric on my long arm. She thought I was going to do this for next to nothing. She made like she was going to book my services (at my standard rates) and then never followed up. It is a good thing I never booked a spot for her. She wanted a quick turn around which I could accommodate if I knew for sure she was committed. I just had a feeling. Good thing I went with my gut! I am glad she never materialized. I think she would have just been a PITA.

    I love the picture of Pippi. She looks like a "cover girl" covered by that quilt! *LOL*

  4. I think you just ended up in the wrong 'slot' on the round robin... behind the person whose skills aren't up to par!

    I think I'll stick with round ostriches after seeing your stories... :)

  5. That Pippi is such a doll baby! Hearing your woes about the round robin has reminded me why I don't take part in those!!! I have enough trouble with my own quilting skills!!! Hope things go more smoothly for you today.

  6. Pippi is such a cutie. On the round robin subject...that would be the reason I never do them. And you are so right...people just don't get it. We have people call the shop all the time wanting to have a quilt made (we don't do that)and they need it in 2 weeks. CLUELESS!!!!! (and they want it cheap)

  7. People who don't quilt have no idea of the work involved. Same thing with sewing. I tried sewing for money a long time ago but people didn't want to pay for my labour. They seemed to think home made meant cheaper so they paid the fabric and thought that was enough. Or else would want a lining added for the same cost. Or redo things. It was a total nightmare. I lasted about a month before I gave it up as a bad job.

  8. sorry to hear that your stitching life isn't all sunshine at the moment... Hope it settles and you canhave fun again soon :-)

  9. Glad to see Pippi enjoying your quilt. I think I even have pictures of you receiving it.

    Leaving groceries behind is a fear of mine since once I left a huge box of Tide on the bottom of the cart after loading everything else. Went back for it but, of course, it was long gone.

    Surely today will be a better day!

  10. That is an adorable picture of Pippi!

    You are right, some people just don't have any concept of how long quilting takes, how expensive the materials are, etc. You were right to tell her no, certainly she'll get the same answer elsewhere.

    I can sympathize with your problems on the round robin. I did a couple of them in the past, and had similar experiences. Finally I got smart and said NEVER AGAIN, unless of course the quilters involved were people I knew and I knew the type of work that would be done.

  11. For a second there I thought I was about to read that you agreed to make her quilt and I was all ready to scream right over the computer!! I listened to an employee at my LQS talk to someone once who was thinking about making quilts for people and had asked Marilyn her suggestions since she knew that Marilyn had made quilts for people too. This is about what she said:

    First, they won't like anything you do, and will complain even after you spend 3 hours having them pick out all the fabrics. They will find any excuse to complain. Second, If you let the quilt out of your hands for less than $250 over the cost of the materials you have NOT charged enough and you cheated yourself. She kept naming things and it cured me of ever saying yes to anyone.

    I am glad that you explained to the lady that she got a real deal with the one before so she understands that she won't find that deal ever again.

    Now I have a question about the RR. Is the person in front of you always the same gal? All these have come from her to you and all along it's been this same gals work that you have fixed??? If yes, then Jeez! I'd have to say something politely to her about being more careful if she does this again as you have had to fix almost every one of her past rounds!

    You are too nice. I would have made that man suffer. I've gotten really outspoken these days about people behind me who grumble and can't wait their turn. If you point out that you hear them they usually shut up or get embarrassed. It's actually quite fun to shame some people.

  12. You are so right about this. Judy's comments are so true. Both me and my Gran have made clothes for people and they always want things changed (usually just at the point that you are sewing the buttons on or turning up the hem). I don't know what it is about making bespoke items but people just don't realise the worth of them. That's why I would gladly give a quilt as a gift, but when people say 'Oh, you can make me one - I'll pay you for it.' I run a mile.

  13. What a lovely quilt, Linda, that's on your bed...and with sheets to match!! And Sunny Sue on the "flip" absolutely wonderful gift to you!! :) And you're so deserving of gifts. You're always "doing" for others. :) Everybody is entitled to gripe sessions, girlfriend, and some days give us more reasons than others. :D

  14. No worries -- sometimes you just have to vent *s* It's funny how non-quilters don't really understand what it takes. I think they have the vision of grandma's scraps = free. Glad you held your ground. Time is not only worth something, it is very precious.

  15. Well...I was gonna ask if you could make me a t-shirt quilt for Christmas, but I think I changed my mind!
    I totally understand what you're going thru. I quit sewing for free (well, most of the time) too.

    ..and this too shall pass....
    Cuddle up with that cute little furry lady and she'll purr all your worries away.

  16. Ranting is ok. It lets you go on to other things. My first sewing for hire job was (I can't believe I did this) a wedding dress. As luck would have it, she essentially wanted a costume she could wear to her honeymoon at Burning Man. It was very fairy princess. The one thing I could not talk her out of was altering the bustierre. She made me stitch the back closed and only have the lace up the front. I kept telling her that was not a good idea. I found out later that her mother had to unstitch the back seam and try to insert some lace in among all that boning and brocade so that she had more room.

    Never again.

  17. Everyone needs to rant once in a while. Hopefully you'll feel better now. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

    Pippi is adorable in that picture. Just that picture alone should put a smile on your face.

  18. Hi Linda, sorry to be missing, but I've caught up with you now..*VBS* What an absolutely adorable pic of Pippi!! Wish I could get such a good one of Ebby, but alas, not much shows but her black face and green eyes..LOL Oh well...LOL

    So, so sorry to hear of the compound difficulties of the day. Bad errands store, bad other customer, bad lady wanting for her greedy self, and bad, bad, bad round robin sewer!!!! Bah humbug on all of them!! Big hugs for you and the patience you show in these difficult situations..*VBS* Hugs, Finn


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