Nov 8, 2006

quiet day

Finally the sun comes out and Pippi is rewarded for waiting on her perch. It always seems like it rains on election day--even the primaries, come to think of it and it kept it up intermittently through the night leaving a cool and damp day till about 30 minutes ago.

This is the look I get when I go in to pester her--the big stretch but can't really be bothered pose. Such a lazy girl! She didn't even alert me to the fact that we had a little "visitor" a few day ago or go after it. Now that the weather has turned cool it seems like we get a mouse in the house each year though he has done everything he could to seal things off. DJ and I were eating when I saw something dart out of the corner of my eye. No other evidence had been apparent till he heard my shriek. A few hours later the fresh peanut butter got him. DJ dumped it out on the kudzu that the neighborhood cat patrols--dinner on a plate, LOL. BUT no way did this one go on mouser patrol!

I got my butterfly challenge quilt cut out using the contrasting colors and muslin from my stash. Cher generously shared the butterfly yardage with our group and hers. Two of the alternating blocks are done as of this writing.

Yesterday I made the HST units using cut squares and the slotted ruler quick quarter ruler and was not happy with how those or the part of the flying geese units that I had gotten done had came out. Just some days, nothing seems to go well, I guess. Fortunately I had more fabric and could resort to an alternate plan that has proved to be less problematic--triangles on a roll for the HST's and trimmed them down to the size I needed (duh, could have used the triangulations CD) and drew up the bits I needed for the alternating blocks in EQ. I got one block done last evening and another done today. Now, I'm working on the pieced setting triangles--no critique of those yet as I haven't pressed them. Still, it is more than I had done a couple of days ago.

I'll be going over the Georgia side of the line on a shopping trip with some quilting friends tomorrow. Should be fun. Aline said that probably 10 of us are going. Joann's and I hope the little quilt shop in Bowden. Maybe I can find something for the round robin--that dark tan color for background anyway. I appreciate all the input you have given me. I am still thinking applique but just on two catty corners--no way, no how would I want to do it clear around the periphery of the quilt. The rest would be plain and give the eye someplace to rest while satisfying the requirements for the round--curves, flowers, ugh, ugh, ugh. I have some Civil War repros here but do NOT want to share those with this quilt---most are fats anyway.

If I don't find anything then, there is always Monday to look forward too. I am not sure how or what she might have posted about her upcoming trip but Cher will be driving over from her sister's in the ATL area. We plan on going up to see our friend Joy and have lunch in the tearoom and hit the quilt shop in Collinsville again. The shop is normally closed on Monday's but the proprietor also has the tearoom by appointment and will open for us. Her sister made it well worth it last time we went---bought 4 quilts, two of them bedsized!! No doubt, Ness remembers that, LOL.

Our move to a different satellite TV provider was completed on Saturday but we have a DVR now and DJ is having to learn how to use a new toy. Well, I guess me too--the 2nd room it powers is my sewing room. The only glitch other than we had to give up a few channels that we liked to watch was that my old TV did not have a connector it needed. I was told to get a RF modulator in order for my DVD player to work--apparently you need some box of some sort with connectors to bridge the two devices. I tracked one down on Monday when I got groceries at Wally World. I hooked it up with some assitance from DJ but I was missing a cable I should have purchased. Of course, I was ready to hop in the car and go get it but it was late and time to cook dinner. I got the "no patience" lecture too. Purchased and installed that yesterday. Player wouldn't work--what the heck am I supposed to push, poke, whatever on the remote or TV to get the disc so show up??? I put a call into the service person BUT...........when DJ and I put our heads together, we have a fully functional brain on occasion. Change the channel on the TV to 3 and the disc played!! I think it helped that he worked as a technician for a cable TV concern for 25 years. The newer stuff might buffalo him a bit but hey, most things have to be on channel 3 or 4 or something switched to 3 or 4. I know he is struggling a bit with the new remote but I've got that down, LOL.

Ah, Hobby Lobby called--my muslin bolt is in--hopefully I can convince the driver to run me in for that on our trip tomorrow as we will be going right by the shopping center. (It is a good 15 miles drive from my house.)

Guess that's it for now---a little stitching. Oh the picture is the Bradford Pears at the end of our lane at the entrance to the subdivision. Three rows of them. Love the white flowers in the spring, the glossy green leaves of summer and they are so gorgeous when the change too. This was from last year but pretty much what it looks like now minus the gloomy skies. Posted by Picasa


  1. Ahhh - a kitty that doesn't hunt. Pippi is my kind of gal *s*

  2. The Bradford Pear tree in my yard is just that color too. What do you do with a whole bolt of muslin? /paula the_quilter at yahoo dot com

  3. Cher is holding out on me! I didn't realize she had another trip planned down your way. Visiting her sister I presume. It's been so long since we last got together - hopefully we can after the holidays.

    Glad you finally got the TV thing all figured out.

  4. Nice newsy post. Sounds like you have plenty of shopping events planned for November. How fun to have another tea party, enjoy enjoy enjoy....

    I will be thinking about you tomorrow out shopping with your gal pals.

  5. Nope, haven't had time to catch my breath these last few is the big wrap it up at work and rush around doing all the last packing etc stuff. I am bagging two things I wanted to do tonight quilty's just too overwhelming to fit one more thing in!
    looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

  6. Pippi is just georgous. I have several mousers outside....and they have to bring their rewards up to the backdoor!
    So glad I still have a "short-person" at the house who can figure out my electronic problems. I can solve world peace at my house, but electronics are beyond me!

  7. Hope Pipi goes after that mouse- I am terrified of mice!

  8. Sounds like you have quite a few trips planned out for yourself in the next week or so...Good going! All that fabric so little time, huh?

    Hope you find something good to match that RR. I'm su5re anything you do will improve it. If I were him I'd remove that painted mess and insert something like 9 patches . I think it would bring it back to what he had started! But that's just me.

    Glad you got the hook up done. We love the DVR and are so used to backing up to hear something again or stopping while someone talks or for bathroom breaks that I misss it when I'm not in the den! It does have a few down things, don't get behind and then sit on the remote like I did the other night! You lose the ending and can't go back. Once the channel changes you are back to real time!! Argg!

    Happy sewing!

  9. Pippi is so cute, she looks very happy there!

  10. I just love Pippi's pose in this post! A picture does say a thousand words!


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