Nov 13, 2006

another day of running

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy looking but look at this neat bag that Cher brought me today! It is hand knit and then felted so it feels just like a heavy wool fabric. Do I need to ask you who is sitting on it now? My fault that the fuzzy faced one thought that was an invitation because I left it laying on the cutting/pressing table after I took the picture.

Cher, her sister and her sweetie got here about 10 this morning. After a peek at the challenge in progress and my sewing room, we piled into my car to drive the hour or so up to see our mutual friend Joy. Lunch was planned at the tea room--the only customers since it is by appointment. When we went in February, Joy had selected the menu but this time she told Nessa to just "surprise" her. SO we dined on potato soup, baked chicken breast and an open faced tomato and mozzarella sandwich. Dessert was cheesecake with triple berry topping with apple and grape garnish.

From there we went down to the quilt shop which Nessa opened for us--normally Monday's she is closed. Cher found some prints that will probably be used for her little sweet granddaughter along with a pre-print panel in a soft yellow. My purchase, at right, was some more dark Civil War type prints that may head into that round robin or some quilt in my future. Actually the turquoise is more "me" and is similiar to what will be borders on my butterfly challenge. Patty found another quilt for sale and had Nessa help her with the label information on two she purchased last trip. (Cher insisted, LOL)

Nessa's classroom space where the long arm lives is in the store front next door so we went over to see the set up which was still under construction on our last trip.
Cher and Patty helped Joy with a computer issue but we headed back soon after so they would miss some of the traffic problems in the ATL area, with any luck. I think I got home about 3:30 or so?

I didn't get my challenge quilt done on Saturday after all, with all that ripping stuff. Fortunately on closer inspection I only had to move some HST's not all the strips on the twist blocks as I first feared but only half the quilt is assembled. Sunday no sewing as I was trying to clean up the mess from all the sewing and wanted the house to stay clean for more than 5 minutes, LOL.

Tomorrow the Belles will meet for our last scheduled work date for '06. With Thanksgiving coming up and a December meeting being the Christmas party we won't get back into the swing of things again till January. I know there are some quilts to pin but we are also going to try the Aunt Betty Attic with some of the scrappy fabrics Finn sent recently. Joy sent some WTIL quilts back with me so I'll get some help with sewing on the labels if someone is looking for a sit down job. Take pics of them to share in my next post as one uses a neat twisty star block.

I'll be ready to stay home and sew after three days of quilt shop runs and a meeting day. It's fun but not much production once I get home.

A few have commented about not being able to respond to comments. Yes, I did switch to beta blogger this weekend. That part is a drawback, I'm guessing since it defaults to "anonymous" or "no-reply" My end directs me back to YOUR blog with a link to email you from there. In many cases I already have had email contact with you and know what your email is so I would not click on the note to reply to it. But I'm guessing the problems will be gone once everyone has to switch. I backed up my blog template just in case but I see only subtle changes to the blog itself. My archived notes appear to be intact so I'm guessing they have a few of the kinks worked out by now. I lost a post trying to post from Picassa so this is my 2nd run at this but that has happened before so I am not really blaming blogger for that. Sorry if this created some inconveniences on your end because I love hearing from all of you to do come by and leave messages. Okay, cross my fingers that this will upload--surprisingly, blogger let me load pics from there for the first time in a long time. How 'bout that?


  1. I see you are already using the "label" feature! Good for you! Sounds like you found some useful fabrics on your trip today. Nice to be able to visit in person with quilters that we chat with on-line.

  2. Hi Linda, what a neat bag from Cher!! It looks like a very useable size too.
    Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the happy that it worked out and you could.
    It has been alot of running, but gives you good memories to ponder while you sew...*VBS*
    I've been cleaning in my sewing room, but must brave the garage again, and get that last quilt finished...brrrr! I work til my hands are too cold and then come inside for awhile. Slow and steady wins the race..*VBS*
    Gotta count my butterfly challenge blocks and see how I am coming. Right now all I see left over from the fabric is about a 2.5" strip, if anybody needs that. Talk to you soon, Hugs, Finn

    PS..don't forget the 2.5" squares for Theramae....LOL

  3. What a lovely bag.
    It sounds like you had a wonderful day together. Enjoy your day today too.

  4. What a great way to spend the day! And, a little gift, to boot. I was hoping someone would tell me it's ok to do the beta switch. I tried doing it when it first told me, but I got spooked about something, can't remember what, so I'll go back and try it again.

  5. Thanks for the reassurance re the switch to beta. I haven't lept yet, after Judy's nigthmare I'm leary, but your expereince helps...

  6. Love the bag. Looks really soft too.

    I don't like the no-reply option blogger gives us either, but I haven't found another way to communicate either.
    Fabrics are really pretty AND the pattern is cute too. You've just got so much going on.

  7. Sounds like a fun trip -- you really have had a some great field trips these last few days *s* I, too, noticed your new annonymous status, but I feel better about it now. You are in my mailbox where I can find you even if you are annonymous *s*

  8. What a fun time you've had lately! Even if you aren't getting anything done at home...going to quilt shops with no one else there, spending time with friends that are so fun...And I love that wool bag! Lucky girl! :) Those fabrics you bought are great! Hope today is full of fun for you again. :D

  9. Well some people had to be the guinea pigs. I'll wait until it no longer sayd Beta version and they make me switch!

    Sounds like you have had a fun few days shopping all around. I've gotten so used to shopping by computer I almost enjoy that better! But it's okay at times to touch all the pretty fabrics too!

  10. Sounds like you had a busy, tiring but wonderful day. You had me drooling all over my keyboard describing the lunch. What a very neat bag Cher brought you - what a terrific friend she is.


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