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Well, I had planned on quilting a third quilt today--the little nine patch on point. It's the one on top of this two quilt stack that Pippi was circling and trying to get comfortable on last night. She ended up sleeping there so must have gotten a proper kitty dent made.

We had a lovely walk today on a picture perfect day. Back to my biker shorts and T-shirt--low 60's, sunny, slight breeze. I think what I like most about fall in the south is the break from the sometimes unrelenting heat and humidity. I have often said that I didn't move South for the summers, LOL.

He needed to go into town to get his flu shot and take our library books back. I went along for the ride and picked up some BBQ sandwiches on the way home since we had no leftovers on hand. I told him a long time ago to not expect me to cook lunch passed making a grilled cheese sandwich--suppers are enough! Of course, tonight's supper did not turn out well--the roasted potato mix was too peppery and salty and the minute steaks tough. The peas and carrots were fine and so was the blueberry pie, LOL---sure want to eat that again tomorrow, NOT.

DJ suggested by mid afternoon that I just hit the couch and take a nap--he was dozing off and on in his recliner at the time. I didn't do it but look how relaxed Pippi looks. Almost enough to make me want to join those two lazy bones. He said "you push yourself to hard--take it easy!" An hour later after that talk , I still hadn't started quilting the nine patch. Instead I decided to catch up on reading some blogs, play some cards and piddle the rest of the day away. Always tomorrow, right? I got the two snuggle ups done last night, binding applied too before I called it quits. Did that put me ahead of the game or behind?

I have updated my November goals list--actually what I had for November got moved to December. Like Judy, it is the same 4 projects that just have not been tended to. I did okay in October really---who knew that I was going to have to do make a monster t-shirt quilt when I first made out that list. That phone conversation about possibly doing this was two years ago, for heaven's sake!! Who knew that I have to make two more SEC quilts either? That definitely has to go on the November list. Round robin top done with the last round, thank God, due in early December. I am so ready to NOT have to work on any of these but my own ostrich.

I got 4 donation tops pieced and 4 quilted--not the same four but four are done. Not bad there either. The toad BQ is cut out, one block done and the strip sets waiting for me. It should go together quickly though I had thought about possibly adding some green blocks with a different band to make the quilt larger. Not crazy about the fabric on hand so it will probably not happen for this first stab at it.

I think the November list is do-able though finishing the quilting on my 30's sampler might be pipe dream and I don't have the first clue about what to do with that robin of Gary's--that might span the first week in December at any rate. BUT these goal lists are just suggestions and a way of keeping on track or prioritizing. I made the list and I can be flexible enough to change

That pile of fabric next to Pippi on the cutting/pressing table will be my butterfly challenge--well not the two on the top--those are something that I need to take to the next meeting. I may cut that top out before I start on those SEC tops. Then I can sew that as a reward for finishing those up! That top is due in early December whenever we schedule our Christmas gathering for. Where has this year gone? Posted by Picasa


  1. Nice site, I don't like sewing myself, I am more of a stapler or gluer. I am a fellow retiree and I wish you much happiness in your retirment.

  2. Pippi looks like she is really relaxed! Good advice from your husband to take a rest--you do push yourself! I envy you back in shorts for your walk! I am having to dress in winter clothes complete with scarves and gloves these days. Winter is defintely here!

  3. Hi Linda, what darling pictures of Pippi...she sure does have a white belly...LOL, and such a pretty face.
    I think you accomplished major projects for Oct...good job! Always plenty to keep us busy if we want to be..*VBS* I'd have opted for the nap...LOL Hugs, Finn

  4. Pippi sure looks to have the right idea! You did a great job on your Oct goals. Way to go!

  5. Kitty dents are the best!

  6. Linda, I had to laugh out loud at your title, Day Off/Goals List! Isn't that an oxymoron (tee hee)? Pippi has the right idea.

  7. Pippi looks a comfortable as can be -- she should give lessons *S*

  8. I've just read your entry for today, its time for ME to take a nap, you have exhausted me by just reading all that you have to do! LOL

  9. Pippi sure looks comfy!

  10. Those monkeys are waaay cute!! I saw Hancocks has a whole line of sock monkey prints...gave it some thought and now will give it more thought..just too cute...maybe a quilt for Nana to have at her house when her Little Man arrives in March.

  11. I envy your walk today - I stayed home and did laundry and loaded and quilted a donation quilt myself.

  12. I think like me the "goals" are more of a reminder of what I have lying around that needs to get some attention! Atleast that what I am going to tell myself!!


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