Nov 21, 2006

some progress

Some progress being made on the two SEC quilts. The drawing at left is kind of where I am headed with this though I may flip the 3rd row with the 4th. I used a double attic window set last time for the person who commissioned them. After I showed what it might look like in the picture frame set, he said to go for it. Picture of one (3 identical) can be found HERE . There is not a variety of color in these teams---most all are a shade of red/crimson or navy/blue. LSU's purple and Tennessee's almost fluorescent orange are the exception.

I finished up the cutting yesterday afternoon after strip piecing the offset and the shadow section with the exception of what fits around the two odd sized blocks and the borders. I left off last night with about 3/4 of the first tan frames completely shown. LOL, I might have kept plugging on it but I got up to talk to DJ a minute and Pippi thought she would try out my chair. Okay, I guess I'm done. By the time she vacated I was out of the notion.

Cher and I were both cutting on Sunday and in between chatting. Actually we do that quite a bit--Pam too--and spur each other on. That way we don't let the miles between us keep us from working together.

Not much else going on around here. Grocery errands yesterday. We received word that DJ's golfing buddy will be here late Sunday evening so hopefully the weather will cooperate. He is heading further South from here and meet his wife Jacksonville, FL. She flies in from central IL to see friends in the area and sometimes they come back through here and other times, head to NC to visit their son--kind of an "and/or" proposition. I'll know more about those arrangements on Monday. Meantime, I'll keep on sewing and moving these two tops along.


  1. I really like the look of this quilt, Linda. You are a machine! LOL You GO girl!

  2. I agree with Veronica, where do you get your energy from?

  3. I like how the setting make the blocks float :-)

  4. I like the shadow effect of this quilt - gives it lots of depth :-)

  5. I like your cutting chats idea!


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