Dec 1, 2006


How could that be? It's Friday already and time to flip the calendar over to another month. Next thing you know it will be '07.

I'm still plugging on the round robin--yesterday was finish up the leaves, the flower centers and piece the flowers. The block at left is 3413 Eight Points in a Square from KC Star. I wanted the points to be finished off for applique so I blunted off the template and made it slightly longer so I wouldn't have to worry about the center circle not covering it. Well, that part would not have mattered anyway as I cut it bigger to start with. The motif finished at about 3 inches so those little tumblers folded in half are about too small for my big 'ol fingers. Stiletto to the rescue.
The "red" fabric that I had hoped to use will not work with what sits next to it--those burgundy and navy squares--so I had to dig into my stash. A piece of my prized Smithsonian reproduction "Grooms Fabric" from the late 90's was cut into for two strips. It has a burgundy like background and picks up on the fabrics used in the bricks round. The flower centers are like the fabrics in the stars round and his center while the green vine goes well with the bricks too. Should be okay--not my favorite but at this point it will do.

The vine and leaves are basted down so I can start stitching on those but the flower parts are parked here on my desk. I'll get started after lunch basting them in place. Then my fingers best get to flying on THAT instead of the computer keyboard.

Gary called the other day to see if DJ would be accompanying me to the Round Robin finale thing--spouses are invited. They are catering in BBQ from one of the county's restaurants that provides that service so he needed a head count. I told him that my commission work had kept me from getting started on his robin any sooner and that I lost two days just straightening it out. I am trying to get it done but it might be like that Christmas box with fabric and a pattern in it---hand it back to let me finish up. Tuesday evening will be coming around too soon. I really do hope that I am done by Sunday night though.

Sometime between now and Tuesday I need to cut some purple nickels as a "thank you" for the person who filled in for the girl that moved. Gary had wanted us to make some 12 inch blocks but no color, theme or whatever specified. When he said she liked "purple" I told him I KNEW which quilt (the Vestibule or Morning Star quilt in Nickel Quilts) she wanted to make and giving her the nickel squares would be far more meaningful and useful to her than some block that she had to find a use for. He said it would be okay, not that I wanted his permission about anything at this point, but he was going to make a block anyway. I told Ada about that idea and she was quite excited about that--oh yes!! that would be far better than any old block in any old color. I know at least two others in my group will do the same. She was buying background fabric at Joann's when we took that field trip to Douglasville, GA last month. Better than making a block but when time is closing in, I am wondering why I was making more work for myself, LOL. It will get done or she gets the strip I have cut already with an IOU.

All this is hampered by the fact that I feel awful and have since Wednesday. Our guest was coughing his fool head off and said that his wife was sick at home as well. Now DJ and I both are coughing, blowing, sniffling--gee thanks, Herb. I don't know where else I could have gotten it as except for errands I have not been around anyone but DJ. I've barely been out of th house lately. My throat feels like some had a rasp in there, sleep is even more disjointed than usual--in a word, miserable. It will pass but I just want to crawl back in bed and stay there.

That cold front that dropped all those pretty snow pictures on your blogs is on its way in here. Probably no precip with it, thankfully, but they say we will struggle to reach 40 over the weekend. Even more reason to be home, right?


  1. Hope the sniffles leave quickly, so you can enjoy the weekend and get the round robin done :-)

  2. I hope you feel better soon.

    The quilt looks lovely. It's fortunate that you were the one to get it squared up.

    And that picture of Pippi is great. Tigger and I have played a similar game for years. As I start making the bed, he gets under the sleep and crawls down to the foot of the bed. He waits until it's all made and then he crawls up to the head of the bed and curls up on one of the pillow.

    My bed always looks bumpy. ;)

    Take care.


  3. Repeat after me:
    Step by Step....step by step...step by step...

    And if you have to get it back later to finish he as already been forewarned.

  4. Hi Linda, so sorry to hear about the cough and sniffles. Please do take care of yourself. If it's the same crud that is going around up here, the cough will just go on and on, even after the rest passes. It's just a kind of dry tickle..a sip of water helps. but it's an annoying cough...ask me how I know...LOL

    The little star flower will look wonderful. What a lot of hassle this whole RR has turned into for each of you. So glad for you, that it is ending in Tuesday. I think your plans are good ones..use them if you need them..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  5. hope you and DJ are both feeling better. There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep well because of a cold.

  6. Oh Linda, I'm so sorry to hear you are catching a cold. Please take good care of yourself - this is a terrible time to be sick.

    I admire you so much for sticking with this round robin quilt after quilt, even though you are following someone who doesn't have a clue what they are doing. Your heart is certainly in the right place for the owners of these quilts.

    The little star flower sounds great - can't wait to see it in fabric!

  7. I know you are making progress...despite feeling so terrible-way to hang in there my friend.

  8. Hey that block is a little reminiscent of the 'kite' pieces on my basket *s* Hope the cold clears up quickly.


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