Dec 24, 2006

Christmas pics

Navity set made by my mom

Lights in the Brookwood Subdivision Anniston, AL

More lights

House off Saks Road--jam packed with stuff as is the house next door. Sometimes the other houses have no lights as their neighbor lights things up enough for the whole neighborhood, it would seem.

House a few blocks from us---surprised that you can't see if from here, LOL

Brookwood again--I was trying to show how they light up the curbing too--almost like an airport runway

Brookwood subdivision again--somehow the lights look golden --actually are mainly little white lights


  1. always a fun time to cruise around and enjoy the lights. a merry day to you my friend

  2. We always love to cruise the neighborhoods with the lites too! It's so fun to see what others havhave done to their yards!! I'm glad you decided to take the break and give the ole back a rest. You can finish up the last few blocks quickly when you are ready and better rested!!

    Hope you have a very merry christmas day Linda!!

  3. Merry Christmas to you Linda! I wish you a very good time.
    I have also started on working on the EQ6 lessons - I am up to 2 now. DH is going back to work tomorrow, so I will do some more then.
    I have also had EQ through 4 and 5.

  4. thanks for the pics! how fun to do the drive-by's during the holiday decorating seasonio

  5. Great lights! Hope you had a Merry Christmas. And next year, I want a closeup of that nativity scene, what did your mom make it out of?


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