Dec 8, 2006

round robin 2--other group's projects

Interesting comments on the last robin--some had more appeal that others probably due to a preference in style or color. On my own, overall I really like it and do not want to sound ungrateful for the efforts made on my behalf. BUT I am not at all sure about the dark solid colored brown (ugh) border. The leaves are well done and since it is applique, it could be conceivably applied to something more pallatable to me. The string pieced stuff in the corners will definitely have to go though. For now I will set it aside and leave it intact for the quilt show next fall so the person who made the offending border will not be hurt. After that, it is my quilt and my choice. Actually the size is one of those that is too big for a wall hanging and too small for a full bed quilt so I may continue on with it----or not.

On a personal note, our expected guests opted to stay down in Florida another day or two when told about the cold snap that was due in (down to 16 here last night---brrrr) and that fact that they would take a chance on re-infection of creeping crud if they came here. Good choice, LOL. Catch you next time. I went to our meeting place this morning to pin the 2nd SEC quilt and then came home and finished quilting the remaining blocks on the 1st one that I pinned earlier in the week---still have to do something about the banner part of the piece but I've had enough for today.

Ready for another round of pictures then--group two's robins? These, I thought, showed a bit more artistry. I like them all but probably Nancy's was the one that appealed to me most.

Janet's Nosegay floral theme

Deb's Lighthouse

Edna's Floral Batik theme

Nancy's Pineapple Country Theme

Betsy's Little Red Hen--quilt tells the story from the children's book

Sally's Souped Up Sue

Rita's Butterflies


  1. Nancy's hands down is my favorite, but rita's butterflies comes in at a close second choice!

    Very lovely and yes and bit more skill involved, or variety at least.

    You and I have the same opinion of yours. The flatness of the solid brown just screams out to be different. there are a few dark golds in your other borders that would work well as a large border, or break it down for some app. and some larges pieces!!

  2. I have to agree with you--Nancy's is the most appealing. Good idea to keep going on your RR to make it bed size. We had one of the participants in our last RR do exactly that. She usually makes King size quilts and our RR's were a little large for wall hangings and she doesn't do lap quilts. It ended up being a very nice center to her King size quilt when she was finished.

  3. Nancy's quilt is the most appealing but I like the Lighthouse quilt too (if it were to lose the outer border).

  4. I love the curved applique on Nancy's, I think that's a big piece of what ties it all together for me, but yup, she sure came out the "winner"

  5. Just one word, Linda : BEAUTIFUL !

    Hugs & smiles,

  6. I love your leaf quilt! I wonder if you used colored thread in quilting that dark brown border if it would add interest. I never use solid colored fabric for anything. I love lots of patterns going on.

  7. I like the second round a lot many different looks!

  8. Hmm I like these :) Sue is my sentimental faborite but that blue one on the bottom is gorgeous colors! xoxo melzie

  9. More "eye candy" - they are very nice! I hope everyone is pleased!


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