Dec 10, 2006

Sunday evening

Pippi on my wedding quilt
I finished up most of the quilting on the 2nd SEC quilt yesterday and today returned to finish up the banner part on both of them and prepped the hanging sleeve sections. Just finished attaching the binding on both and decided that was enough for the day. When I started on Thursday, I hope to be at this point----and I am.
The t-shirt quilt is done at the long armer quilters but she called late Saturday to ask if I wanted her to put on the binding---which is at my house. I needed it for the two SEC quils as well but will run it up to her tomorrow and then pick the quilt up by mid week. I'm going to be hand finishing binding the better part of the week, I'm afraid.
Norma and I were talking about our New Year's sewing goals since some of our deadline stuff is getting finished up---like, what is next on the calendar once the holiday sewing is done? Some time back we had talked about doing a UFO challenge in 2007 and hopefully get a "kit" a month to the flimsy stage or get a partially quilted project finished up or perhaps some cut squares from the stash turned into something usable.
I don't seem to have too much trouble finishing up the donation quilts but when it comes to my own personal stuff, it gets pushed to the back burner. I had suggested to Norma that maybe we need to make a list of the Top 12 things we would like to get done or moved along---like a project a month. I'm going to give that a bit more thought as I trudge through that binding.
One goal I have kept this year is NOT to make another big scrap basket. I spent three days cutting my way through a big pile earlier in the year and never again if I can help it. Today was an example---I made the sleeves out of the cutaways from the backing muslin and still had some fabric left so I cut that up into 3 1/2 inch squares for bowtie blocks. Last week when I cut squares for the "thank you" gift for the robin fill in person I cut some from me---if I couldn't get a 5 inch or 6 1/2 inch square out of the piece, then it was 3 1/2 and 2's for EZ bowties. Think purple bowties might look too girlie???
Guess that's about it--other then grocery shopping I've not really bee anywhere but that happens when you are quilting.


  1. Ohhh my Linda, your Pippi looks just like our old cat Sasha. Way too cute! I agree with your goal not to get another scrap basket going, they're just too much hard work to get thru.

  2. Does this mean you are going to toss your scraps or that you will cut as you go instead of all at once?

  3. love the idea of cutting your scraps as you go. They can be so very daunting otherwise.... In terms of UFO's I found a committment to a minimum of 15 min of sewing a day, and no new UFO's was the ticket. I can now truthfully say I have several projects on the go, but none "tucked away"... Some I gave away, some I reclaimed the fabric from, but it was either finish it or decide it was not ever going to be...

  4. these are good ideas for next year-and way to go on nearing the finish line on those commissoned quilts.

  5. Who says girls can't have a bow tie. Purple seems like a good color to me *s*

  6. for the last few years I've signed up for the Cyberquilters UFO challenge -- you list 10 items to accomplish (not necessarily finishing something) and are challeneged to do one each month. I find that I respond very well to "outside" challenges like that, but I'm not always so good with self-motivation! Maybe we need a blog-ring UFO challenge to keep us all going...

  7. Hi Linda,I find delicious Pippi, really. For my UFos I believe that I will begin a new collection! LOL ;-))))

  8. Good job on your UFO's..... Your wedding quilt looks so pretty : can we see it ? I've never seen that basket pattern....

    Thanks, Linda !



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