Dec 12, 2006

a repeat--well, maybe not so much

Nadine wondered about and commented on the unusual basket pattern on the quilt Pippi was laying on in my last post. Not the best pictures since they were scanned from a photo and resized but here you go, Nadine! I had shown this previously on my "lost" blog so for anyone reading THAT long ago, this is a repeat.

New readers--this is my wedding quilt that my mom took to the hand quilters almost immediately after I told her that we were getting married a week later. We had been in a long committed relationship for 21 years at that point so no doubt no one ever expected us to tie the knot---finally it was time! Can't say that I didn't know what I was getting into, LOL.

I am afraid that neither of us knows the pattern source but we call it "Falls City Basket" as we saw it in an antique store in Falls City, Nebraska where my grandmother was living at the time. The closest I can see in BlockBase is # 674 where it is found in a book edited by Ruth McKendry called Quilts and Other Bedcoverings in the Canadian Tradition. (Von Nostrand, Reinhold, Toronto, 1979.) Another source is an Unnamed block from Old Chelsea Station # 5832 and 7477. This has a squatter basket and a longer pieced handle that that one. Mom drafted it later to use for a pass around quilt around the time I moved to Alabama so several of my quilting friends have blocks in there as well. I DID make her two blocks for the quilt though---little did I know that they would later be returned to me, LOL. Pippi has gotten some spots on that lovely white so I don't put this on my bed a whole lot though I love the quilt. It is just the right weight for sleeping under and one of the few that completely covers my bed.

We married in January of 99--just the two of us and the local Methodist minister. The church secretary took a few wedding pics for us. What you don't see is that I had taken off my heels by this time. First because they were killing my feet and 2nd, I would have been as tall as DJ. Silly me, I took the best print of us and made copies to send to everyone as an annoucement---didn't even notice that stocking feet till much later when it was too late. Of course, we got all the ribbing about keeping me "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" Mom said that she had kicked off her shoes for the studio shots in her wedding gown.

We traveled back to Illinois for a visit in May or June of that year and by then the quilt was ready. My family hosted a little wedding reception for us. (I've got hard copy pics of us with the wedding cake but would have to scan those and don't have time right now.) My siblings purchased a golf package for us at Sea Palms Resort on St. Simon's Island near Brunswick, Georgia for a honeymoon trip. Cashed that in November of 99. In January we had gone down to Montgomery for a few days and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast there and toured several of the Alabama capitol sites. A honeymoon and a "2nd honeymoon" all in the same year, LOL.

I need to hop in the shower and throw my potluck contribution in the oven. The Belles Christmas party is today and I am to pick on of the girls up who lives near me. On a present quilting "check in"---I took the binding up yesterday for the t-shirt quilt and the long armer insisted on putting it on right then to spare me another trip back. I just killed some time in the shop chatting with her and looking at fabric. Then came home and managed to get one of the SEC quilts bound minus an opening for the label. Dad didn't get back to me about what he wanted on his son's quilt and I want to print all three at the same time.

Well, you will know where to find me------sitting in front of the computer, binding my fingers off. I am shooting for these three to be out of my house (and off the hamper top) by Monday the 18th if at all possible. I've been reading your blogs but not commenting as my fingers are otherwise occupied----catch up with you next week in that department. Busy, busy----all of us!


  1. I am going to try this agin...for the 23rd time. For some reason every new beta account makes me do the whole sign in and right now it says I don't know my own password...or something. I tried to comment on your last post about 20 times!

    So, love the marriage story! It's the right time when it's right, and that's just how it works sometimes. Glad you had a nice day and had 2 nice honeymoons!

    I think the new years sewing goals seem doable and a great start. You have such a great use for all those scraps and I think the "use up as you go along" idea will be a good one and should keep the basket emptier!

  2. You know this idiotic thing had locked me out. Would not recognize my password even though I was logged in. So I tried using my gmail account and password and it let me in!

  3. thanks for sharing the story. I love the basket quilt. Hope you will able to complete those quilts on time.

  4. I loved the wedding story! The picture of you and DJ is wonderful! Enjoy your potluck with the Belles--my quilt guild's potluck is Wednesday night. Here's to meeting those deadlines!

  5. The quilt is beautiful. I've seen pictures of ones similar, but can't recall where or when - probably in a 30s book somewhere. How lovely that you have this one!

    I think once you switch to blogger, you have to use the g-mail account sign in. Mine won't take the old account any longer.

  6. Love the wedding story -- how sweet to just be the two of you.


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