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As stated in my last posts, the round robins came home to roost last night so I have pictures to share--not sure how many blogger will let me add at one time so it may be scattered over a couple of other posts. DJ ended staying home since he still was not feeling up to dinner out if he couldn't come straight home after the meal. I didn't get back till about 8:30 so that might have been a better plan. These are the ones in my own group--next time I'll share the ones from the other group of 7. I apologize in advance for the picture quality in some cases. The quilts were getting so big that it took two people hold them and the variances in their heights left for some lopsided quilts. I tried to straighten some of that up in Picassa and it made for chopped off quilts.

My Fall themed robin
(I have some opinions about this but will keep them to myself right now)

Aline: Oriental Theme

Pat: Honey Bee theme

Lauren: Grandmother Flower Garden

Mildred: Floral (and she is the one who loves all that dark fabric--ironic, huh?)

Karen: Batik Brights

Gary: Civil War Theme (this time off the BR floor)


  1. Thanks for sharing Linda. They all look pretty good - I don't think there is a dud among them. Some of them might not be just to the taste of the owner but that's the only potential problem I can see. I do like yours very much - I'm curious as to what you wat to say about it.

    So - will you ever participate in a RR again? I'm guessing not for a LONG time - if ever.

  2. Wow -- quite a variety of color/theme!
    My faves are yours and the honey bee one -- guess I like warm colors the best.
    I also can't wait to hear your thoughts about your top and about the whole RR experience. I was in a RR once ...
    Jeanne :)

  3. I really like yours. Will be interesting to see your comments on your own to see if it turned out like you wanted it to.

    They all look really good ---from here. Hope the owners were happy.

  4. those all came out so big! wow! I think I like yours the best, although I'm not sure about those stripes in the outer corners...

  5. they all turned out really well. Funny that there's no dark in Mildred's :-)

  6. I like Gary's the best :) I like them all though! Not so much pink thats NMS xoxo melzie

  7. I think Karen's batiks are my favorite, but they're all great!

  8. Well, my favorite is your Fall themed one but then I have a weakness for Autumn quilts.

  9. They are all beautiful. I fancy yours most, but I am a autumn lover person. I have one RR received and have done nothing with it yet. And I think I will participate in another one.

  10. Gosh, what a variety! It's hard to say which is my favorite, but I do like your leafy one.

  11. They all look great - like most others I like yours the best but they are all very appealing.

  12. Neat! I love seeing all of the variations. That Oriental one is my favorite out of this bunch!

  13. It is great seeing all the variations. Some I really love, some are not my taste.
    I hope you are happy with yours. Also I think some may have done more on it than others, but that is just what it looks for me.

  14. I do like yours alot. If I had to pick something I would say that the last big border feels a bit flat...colorwise. I guess the other leaves were done in mottled fabric and have dimension and the solid flatness of the last border doesn't really fit totally, but it's not screming black and yellow, so it's good. Very beautiful!

    #2Alines...I like but the black and yellow stars have totally escaped me?

    #3 Honey really very cute ann again the black seem a bit out of place, but the yellow is right next to other bright yellow so it works enough to not rip. It's quite lovely actually.

    #4 Lauren's is very nice too and seems to have blended very nicely all together. Very nice!

    #5 Mildred's is very pretty and though I'm not a totally pink person, it is really pretty. ALl the rows blend well except for that last huge green border. That one I would remove, I think. Not quite to right color and it needs something else. It's too big and blank for my tastes.

    #6 Again a very beautiful quilt and well blended except for the black and yellow row which just screams out at you. Is this the same gal with the black and yellow? O do love those batiks though, really pretty.

    #7 Gary's, well I sure didn't know it was to be Civil War Theme. He didn't get that at all, but nothing really scream to be let off the quilt. It all blends together and your last row tied the whole thing into the center.

    All in all I'd say it was a success! Nothing really tragic happened, although I know it was a lot of work for you. I will yell at you if you sign up for another one any time soon you requested a few times along the way. I think everyone should be happy with the results!

  15. Thank you for the virtual quilt show, Linda. Great job on all of them. Hope the owners are happy.

  16. Love the show of completed tops. Quite a variety of themes. I hope everyone is pleased with their results - a lot of work and thought went into them.

  17. Hi Linda, I'm with the majority, I feel yours is one of the ones that works the best. I also like the honeybee one, but mostly due to your inner border...please DO tell us about yours???? But not if it would put you in a bad spot..Hugs, Finn

  18. Wow, they are all quite nice! I'm not sure about the brown border on yours - flat(?).

  19. The RR quilts are wonderful - I like yours especially even though they're not really my colours. It's a bit daunting working on someone elses quilt, but it looks like everyone was rewarded for their efforts.

  20. Thanks for sharing all the RRs. There are a lot of hours of work in them all. I will not participate in more RRs, but I like the idea of an ostrich (sp?)RR, where you do all the work on your own RR. Can be done with friends and guidelines too.


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