Dec 22, 2006

Seasons Greetings!

A friend sent this in an email along with a poem--good ol Maxine! I don't have any quilting pictures to show but we did set up the Nativity set today. Maybe I'll get a shot of that for next post. Still, Happy Holidays to all my readers out there in Bloggerland.
I took yesterday and today off from quilting with 5 more blocks of my 30 block sampler to go. The ones that are left are at the dead center of the quilt and harder to get at. My back, shoulders, wrists and elbows are thanking me for the reprieve, LOL. It's my own personal quilt and it has waited this long, after all. Oh, for a picture of the completed top I had to go back to June of this year but it can be viewed HERE. I told you that my own stuff gets pushed to the back burner.
So what have I been doing? Playing too many games of Superior Canfield on the computer but I have also been working through some of the lessons in the EQ6 book. Since I have owned versions 4 and 5 prior to this, some of it is review but it is helping me to be more familiar with the new set up and some of the improvements they have made in the program. I'm up to patch draw now and I have to admit that I haven't done much of that but then I don't often applique either. Just for practice in drawing and working with EQ I had once drawn up all the small blocks in the Dear Jane book so there was a little bit involved there--not the triangular pieced blocks though. Think I have lost what remaining marbles I had left??? Later I bought the Dear Jane CD when it was released and sold my book.
DJ finally got a haircut, Pippi nailed the curtains and her perch in the bedroom when she got sick yesterday so some laundry......a whole lot of nothing, in other words. Thinking about the holiday menu for Monday and egg nog lattes. I am enjoying listening to Mannheim Steamroller Christmas music on the computer media player. Later tonight DJ and I plan to drive around in our area and look at the Christmas lights. One subdivision near the golf course decorates everything in white lights including the curbing---it is just gorgeous so we will probably head over there and passed a couple of houses nearby that really are jam packed with displays.
It is pretty quiet out in bloggerland, no doubt because people may be traveling or preparing for the big weekend events. No snow in Alabama to make it a white Christmas but that is all right with me. We have had a couple of moist gray days with some rain last night instead. Word is that there was an accident down near the mall this morning with a fatality--that place is an accident waiting to happen even without wet and slick roads. Sad.
Be careful out there.


  1. No snow here in Florida either :) A very Mery Christmas to you!

  2. Not doing much here today, but making split pea soup with ham, so the whole house smells good, hammy and oniony and garlicky.

    I love your sampler - sometimes the best things (like my soup) are the ones that have been pushed to the back burner. :)

    And tell Pippi not to be such a piggy! I keep telling mine they can urp on the lino in the kitchen... or on the laminate wood floor, but NOT on the one big rug in the room, at my feet under the computer desk... lol

  3. No snow here in so Cal. either -- but we manage just fine. It's chilly and that's enough for us. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Linda,have a serene Christmas, with joy serenity!!!Hugs!


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