Apr 24, 2007

meeting day

Today was the quilt group's meeting day and there were just a few of us there today for various reasons. I had brought 5 tops with me that I hoped to pin and Lois had a couple as well--hers are the ones I am showing today. Theramae and I were manning the pinning table while Judy worked on a motorcross top for the boys.

Lois had used this wonderful duck scene print on another quilt that I had quilted for the boys earlier this year and this was the leftover yardage. The front is a race car panel that my mom and/or I had fussy cut a few years back and the squares alternating blocks were the blue and white check fabric. Necessity was the 'mother of invention' here. It was a good thing I had kept the scraps of the kit included because they came in handy today! The backing was not quite wide enough for the top but she had extra length that she could spare. So if we pieced the duck fabric into to what we had of the check and took the end of the of the strip folds as many as we could we would have the length and width. A few of the ducks are flying upside down but we decided that was okay. Lois got busy sewing on her new little Janome and also prepped the back on the quilt below.

The BQ quilt is one that she started piecing at the sew-in two weeks ago. I had cut and kitted it up but she didn't have anything for the backing. We found a nice blue solid almost the same shade as the blue cars in the frogs in car print in the donation bin . I am going to quilt it for her and she'll do the race cars.

Pat M came by about lunch time and invited us out to see how the home they are building is coming along. We followed her out in one of our cars so she would not have to come back to the meeting place. After we toured the house, we loaded up in her truck to see where the lake will be and where she has put in some garden space.

Nice little break but boy, is it hot today!! 80 and no real rain chance on the horizon. The weather guy says Birmingham is a foot behind on rainfall totals and we might be close to that. It was 60 when I got up this morning so I know I will have to start walking first thing. Wait till 9 or 10 and it will be a bit too warm.

I got 3 WTIL quilts quilted last week and one Marilyn asked me to do for pay. For the last three days I have been quilting Aline's 54-40 and Fight variation quilt that I showed you HERE. The stack was half gone till I came home with 5 more pinned tops. That's the way it goes, LOL. I'm almost done with Aline's though--just six more blocks to go--three near the border edge and the ones adjacent. I'm doing the ditch work and she will finish up the borders with handquilting or that is the plan. She'll be back from a trip "home" to Rhode Island on Saturday but it will definitely be done then. I'm taking the rest of the night off ---quilting can wait till tomorrow.

Shameless plug here: Ellen, the founder of WTIL notified us that she had posted 10 pages of quilts to the 2006 gallery pages and 5 pages for 2007. Every quilt that is donated is photographed--often you can get a lot of inspiration for blocks, colors or sets by viewing. Click HERE for 06 and HERE for 07. I know I always spot some old friends and some of you may see some quilts that you had a hand in.


  1. Wow! Gorgeous quilts! What good deeds you all do!


  2. Hi Linda, I really like both quilts you are showing today. Great job of problem solving on the flying ducks one, and I really like the colors of the racing cars one.
    Such a nice variety of colors and patterns this year for the Boys Ranch. I think they will be tickled..probably NOT pink, but tickled...*VBS* Great job! I'm going to link right over and see the new posting at WTIL. Hugs, FInn

  3. Wow - you gals do an amazing job getting these quilt done. Thanks for the links.

  4. As usual, you amaze with me the wonderful things you gals do for others! Sounds like a productive day!! *S*


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