May 4, 2007

one done-done

Well, one of the quilt stack is "done-done" anyway. Bound, labeled and finished at 9 last night. Time out to watch "My Name is Earl" and take a call from my mom. I took it with me to the nursing seminar on Wednesday and started working on it at lunch break and kept on for the afternoon session. I can't just sit --I can still listen and stitch at the same time. Had about two sides done by the time I left at 3.

This is the 2nd, no 3rd stab, at photographing it though. The quilt as you can see is wider than our usual quilts. Quilt Holder was not having much patience with my delay in getting the pic taken last night as his arms were not happy. The first shot was mainly his face and a quilt blur. The 2nd, I messed up trying to adjust the true color. I just threw it on my unmade bed to try again. I'll get a better shot at the meeting when I can hang it up but I dare not ask DJ to do the honors again.

The top and backing was sent to us by Jeanne for the Boy's Ranch. I rearranged the blocks slightly to make it more square and added a small border which was fabric donated to the quilt by Finn and then bound it with the same green used in the top and backing. I kept the quilting very simple with a green variegated thread. It has a lot of cuddle left in there though I did also ditch quilt in the horizontal linear row. I am sure to revisit that idea again on a few of these tops.

It has gotten up to the 80's in past days and no real rain chances. DJ said that the grass is already dying over the septic tank--usually we don't see that till July or August. Some parts of the county are under a burning ban and I know they had one wildfire in Gadsden on Noccululla Mountain recently that was not easy to contain--scary when you here reports of the acreage consumed in Georgia and Florida already. It makes you wonder how long before we are under a watering etc ban too if the rains don't come not that DJ and I don't already converse water. I have been waking up early in past days--today was no exception-- but when a check on the thermometer was 62 at 6 a.m. I got dressed in my walking clothes and headed out to get my walking in. Good plan!

I'm going to get setup to get some quilting done --you know where to find me. I think Aline's positive-negative friendship stars would be a fun one to start with--more blog fodder, LOL.


  1. Jeanne does scrappy so well! I love the zig zag quilting on this - simple effective and as you said it maintains the cuddle factor. Great job.

  2. I love that quilt and love how you quilted!

  3. I just love the quilting on this one! It looks at first glance like you have pieced half square triangles! I love something that looks more complicated than it really is!

  4. Oooh, it looks great! It's fun to be part of a collaboration!
    Jeanne :)


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