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At left, a basketweave block on point. I finished piecing the lower half of the quilt and left off Wednesday night with just the two long side red borders to go. The top was half done when I received it from Pam via Nancy. Pam could not get to it and asked if the Bama Belles might like it for the kids. (Thank you both!!) Hurray, all the blocks were there! I re-sized it slightly by re-configuring the corner and moving the involved blocks and took it from there. This might be going to the girls though---floral fabric on the borders but some yardage I could spare plus I had a bright lime green with red flowers from my Hancock's run that could be used for the backing.

I think Nancy might have been headed for a much larger quilt as there are 45 rail section blocks leftover. I'm putting my thinking cap on for what to do with the leftovers---make a bunch more for another quilt which is not a bad idea since it uses 2 x 5 strip sections OR blocks to go in a sampler??? Bust that stash, after all, and it could be done as an ongoing project when I cut another kit out. Really I like the idea of scrappy nine patches in between too. Well, like this EQ sketch without the gray---I was being too lazy to want to colorize especially when the other sketch I made was to keep on track on the piecing of the actual top. Either way, make more blocks though it doesn't have to be today!

Not the best of pictures---nice shot of Quilt Holder spread eagled, I guess but there was a reason for that. See below, LOL. Pippi has some birds staked out in the front bush to her left. We think perhaps the squawky gray birds have a nest in there so it has been a beehive of activity. One bird sits on the edging board to the bed and just taunts her. She acts like she is sleeping one minute and the next is chattering and probably thinking "if there were not glass down here between you and me, you would be a goner" This has been her fav spot in the afternoons this past week.

Other than that, I started a pile of 3D bowtie blocks yesterday and left those with just the center seam to join. I didn't count how many and just used the loose squares I had on hand. I'm shooting for a total of 80 including the ones Lois and I had worked on earlier. Really that is another project that I could easily make a bowtie as I cut a kit. Eventually you have enough for a quilt top. I'll probably finish those up today and then start on the row robin. The fabric is pulled but I am waiting for some "steam a seam" to come in the mail first.

Got my morning walk in. DJ is not playing golf today so I came home to find him vacuuming up the floor under the fridge. Keep going, Darlin'--the whole floor needs mopping, LOL. I think I have cooled down enough to get in the shower and not need another one when I get out--till the hairblower starts. Have a safe Holiday weekend!


  1. I love the the basket weave quilt. It almost looks tea-dyed from the photo. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. It's so nice to see that top finished! The blocks were made around 1995 from fabric swapped with a group on the old FidoNet Sewing and Quilting Echo. I had just enough of each fabric to make 2 units. So I put one of each pair into 2 brown paper bags. My plan was to sew the 2 halves separately using the contents of a bag for each half. that way there wouldn't be any fabric repeats within each half. Well I got half of it done and that was it. I'm not sure why I never finished as I really did like it and love how it looks now that it's done. Maybe I should start another for me... LOL!

  3. Someone just posted a quilt with rail fence blocks and nine patches - I think it might have been Nancy. I was thinking it would make a nice donation quilt when I saw it.

    Yep it was

  4. the basket weave quilt looks great. I'm sure whatever you decide the remainder fo the blocks will be put to good use!

  5. That pic cracks me up, don't show DJ or you might totally lose your quilt hanger.

    Meow has been chattering up a storm as his perch is about 10 ft away from a power line that the black birds sit on and tease him all day long.

  6. Love the quilt and the silhouette holding it! Pippi looks so cute as she stakes out the birds.

  7. great going on all these quilt re-dos turning out so smashing Linda. No wonder I never see you online-you are really getting a lot done!

  8. That top came out great. Love your cat pic. Looks like he has the best spot in the house staked out. =) Bow Tie blocks, however they are made, can make up into so many beautiful tops. That's what's on our bed here. A scrappy one.

  9. I just can't say enough how clever you are at working out how to rework a top . . . and then have enough to make a whole 'nother one *applause*

  10. Ok, that quilt holder silhouette makes a really cool picture, and I like seeing the light thru the quilt too! Almost a stained glass effect. Neat!

  11. Did you ever see the photo taken by the media of Princess Diana just beofre sh married Prince Charles? In the photo she was wearing a thin skirt withe the sun full behind her. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw your quilt holder. Maybe royalty will be knocking at the door shortly??


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