May 8, 2007

night off

Today was our quilt group meeting--just a few of us there but we got 5 quilts pinned. I was hungry for tuna macaroni salad yesterday and of course, made enough to feed an army so brought the leftovers with me to share. Theramae had some Texas sheet cake leftover from an event at her house so we had an impromptu potluck.

I even got some sewing done once reinforcements came for pinning. I realized that we have nary a bowtie quilt for these boy quilts we are gathering--that won't do at all! I had brought my 3 1/2 inch square box in case someone came with machine and was looking for a stitching project. I had 23 partially done 3D boweties by the time I left---just needed to join the center seam of the pile. I'll make more after I am finally done quilting (do I ever finish up, LOL?) and finish up the other kits in my basket while I am at it. That's the plan anyway.

I have shown the top above before but it is "done-done" now. Normally I don't mess much with quilting borders on the kids quilts--part of that keeping the cuddle factor going but these blocks were so plain that I fussed a bit--besides, it is a square quilt and easy to mark the simple egg and dart I used. It has a plain muslin back so I thought it might make it seem a little more special to the receipient.

The quilt to the right is a simple strippy quilt with some neat fabrics that Jane and Sarah (mother and daughter team). Quilts don't need to be complicated to be special. Good pro bono pattern actually.

The one below on the left is one that Theramae made for her granddaughter who loves sunflowers. She had hoped to find the red checked version of this print but I think the green is just as effective especially with the green, gold and brown prints tone on tone she used. Actually that brown might be a good choice for the substitute border I will eventually make on my fall themed row robin from last year--that ugly brown solid poly-cotton has got to go!! I can selvage the leaf appliques but that corner blocks etc will be gone once the thing is shown at the quilt show this fall.

Other than that, it seems like all I have done is walk and quilt lately. Susan had commented that quilting 8 quilts in about a week's time would be a rather ambitious undertaking. I said I would settle for half that if I could. Actually, I was working on the sixth one, Lois' BQ shown HERE, last night. I took 3 of them with me today for the binding volunteers and kept one at home for me to do. Jeanne's railfence was already done. BUT my stack is back UP to 4 as I brought two more pinned quilts home with me. LOL, two steps forward and one step back???

By the time I got home from the meeting, Pippi was sacked out on DJ's desk chair and he was off somewhere. I found a note telling me he was off trading in his car at the Pontiac dealers. HMMM, somewhere between golf and lunch out he gets the itch to look at cars?? Actually this didn't surprise me a whole lot because he had come close to getting a low mileage Taurus last week--till the salesman bought it for himself. This dealer was right on the way home and we had looked at cars there before he had bought the one he traded 2 plus years ago. It wasn't long before he came pulling up in an 2006 Pontiac G6 in candy apple red---ohhhhh, my fav color in a car. He asked me if I wanted to take it for a spin but I want him to get the "new to him" worn off first. We had already made plans to go out to lunch tomorrow so I'll get a ride in it then. He has spent a good deal of time this evening looking at the owners manual and left after dark to see what the interior lights looked like at night.

Leftovers for supper and the only thing I HAD to do tonight was give him a haircut so I have made the rounds to all the blogs on my list to see what you all have been up to. Hard to keep up sometimes.............guess that's it for today.


  1. The quilts look nice, Linda. I like the fabric with the sports jerseys, and that pattern is a nice one for simple but good looking.

  2. I know exactly what you mean Linda, the more I accomplish the further I get behind! However, it feels so good to have a stack of quilts go out that I just keep on.

    You don't seem to make many for yourself - my personal quilts always get pushed to the bottom of the to be done stack. Mom's and those sent to me by other family members have to be shuffled in between donation quilts.

    I finished a donated HeartStrings top today and next up on the machine will be one of my Aunt's quilts.

  3. Wow - you and your group have been productive! I agree, simple things can be very special.

  4. The quilts all look lovely and I know what you mean about keeping the cuddle factor - too much quilting can make them very stiff (like cardboard as my son says).

  5. You have lots more pretty quilts to share with us again, Linda. You do stay busy! The egg and dart quilting - my friend calls it fishes, is one that I have a stencil for, so it appears on a bunch of my quilts, when I am willing to take the time to mark, otherwise I just freemotion something, like freeform stars.
    Ooh, a red car sounds like a lot of fun!

  6. Congratulations on the new car!
    You sure are busy with those donation quilts. I can not remember, but are you supposed to deliver a specific number of quilts from your group this year ?

  7. What a horse trader your man is...when he makes up his mind it doesn't take him long to make a move and get what he is after...candy apple red...go DJ go

  8. I love your line in today's post: "Quilts don't need to be complicated to be special." Sometimes I think we get caught up in too difficult projects that we lose "fun" in our sewing...

  9. Those quilts are very special to the kids that recieve them - don't ever doubt it.
    Love that DJ went to look at the lights on the car - sounds like something Hubby would do . . . just curious about a new toy*s*

  10. I agree with everyone else...the kids get so much joy from the quilts. I laughed at DJ going to see what the interior lights look like at night! Good idea!

  11. I like the quilting you did in the borders of that first one. It's similar to what I was thinking of doing in the borders of the 2 I'm quilting now but I like yours better so I'm gonna steal it. :-)

    congrats to DJ on the new RED car!

  12. Great quilts! It sounds like you have a wonderful guild.

  13. Hi LInda, great job, as always! You are telling me I don't need to get it all done at once(the sewing room)..and I'm hee heeing, look who's talking...LOL
    You always get sooo much done. I think orgaization is the key. Your tuna salad sounds good. I have some imitation crab in the frig, think I'll cook some pasta. Hugs, Finn

  14. great looking quilts as always Linda!
    reminds me I have my own stack of 4 waiting as well.

  15. As usual you've been incredible busy and productive during the time I was behind reading blogs. Thanks for sharing the great charity quilts you do - you never cease to amaze me.


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