May 16, 2007

all dressed up and no place to go

Well, I got up early though the bed felt mighty good this morning, got my walking clothes and shoes on and was gathering up my keys, etc when DJ comes in from getting the paper to say, "it is misting rain" I am disappointed because I am ready to roll. Do you have any inkling what a turn around in attitude that is for me? Before it would have been any excuse NOT to go but I am motivated these days. I wait and see if it is going to let up and hope that the sun and the temps don't start rising---still no go. Threw some lentil soup makings in the crockpot--still no go. Oh well. I was going to take tomorrow off but I guess it will be today instead. Back to my "civvies"

Yesterday I had to meet the President of the Home Extension group over at Hancock Fabrics to get some paper things she needed me to take care of---I'm the treasurer but I hope they will heed my words and start looking for my replacement. 4 years is enough. Anyway, the store is closing, 50% off, minimum of 2 yard cuts---you know where this is heading.

I have not been in there for two months when I was on the hunt for primary colors for a Building Blocks quilt seen HERE. I don't need to go on a fabric diet as some of you have as I seldom buy anything but backing/binding or one missing color I need to make a quilt. I am committed to using my stash when I can. SOOOOOOO here I am 25 yards later replenishing/augmenting the greens and getting some purple and orange for the row quilt I need to get done by month's end. I liked the purple Blank "Cat in the Garden" Stripe enough that I got the rest of the bolt--5 plus yards. Couple of the greens were 3 to 3 1/2 "all of it" cuts too.
Once I got home I started on the club paperwork. Completion required a stop at the post office for more stamps and another stop for mailing envelopes. Then I thought that my successor, if and when I have one, may not use the same format as I do for the address book stuff. Type a new addy book, make another database. I don't use Works enough to remember how best to do that but fortunately I could copy/paste a lot of the text. Next thing I knew it was 9 p.m. Chat with Cher for a bit, read some blogs, answer some email.............bedtime.

Definitely no quilting going on yesterday. I have an idea or two---Cher thought it was inspired--of what to do for Debora's Halloween themed row. Since block size is not a problem, I think it might work but it is only a small section of the width. I was digging through all my pattern/mag clippings/print out notebooks and pulled anything that I thought might work. I kinda like the pieced witches on the end but I hate the way that McCall's write their patterns. (Will the pic click bigger?) I don't want to cut out a whole quilt, I want a block or two. Label the block sections if you please as to size and don't give me a long cutting list-----argh! IF I use it, then I am drawing it up on graph paper or in EQ so it makes more sense to me. Besides, I think it could be foundation pieced. There are few things that could be used in some of the other patterns but perhaps resized a bit---up in some cases and down in others. Also some ideas in Sew Precise too. I'll figure it out. And this stuff is all going in the same notebook, LOL, until then. Oops, found two more on my desk that didn't make the picture. One is adorable if I liked to applique more---Quiltmaker's had a row quilt in Sept. Oct 99 called "Trick or Treat Street" with Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill characters in costume, some like candy corn and other little ghosties. Inspiration overload!!

So one errand to run and then I am definitely quilting--break time is over. I thank you all for your kind comments about the "Dazzling Dog" blocks I have shared in the past few posts. The 6 I already had done are pretty cool too, LOL, if I do say so myself. Nice to make a little progress on my top 10 personal projects.


  1. Don't you just hate it when you're all ready to go and something happens to stop you? Kinda screws up the entire day.

    NICE HAUL you made from Hancocks! Ours finally closed a few weeks ago but I didn't buy any fabric beyond a few FQ packs. Of course I DID buy a sewing machine so I kinda had to be good fabricwise. LOL!

  2. 25 yards - good for you. I don't do fabric diets either . . . if I have to watch my food then I AM going to splurge on something *s*

  3. You just know the rest of us could not pass up a 50% off fabric sale! I love those greens! As you saw from one of my posts, I have been busy fabric shopping lately too! *LOL* A Halloween themed round robin will be so much fun to work on! Any "rules" with this round robin?

  4. All good purchases! The best thing about diet is getting to cheat when the mood hits!

    Looks like you found some good prints!


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