May 22, 2007

Meeting day rolls around again

The Bama Belles met today---missing a few folks but if we were to have everyone there in one spot, it would be amazing. Someone always out of town, has health issues or other family things going on. I would guess that is the case not matter what club or organization you belong to. We keep chugging along and getting closer to our goal for the Boys Ranch.

At left (or wherever it lands) is a little Snuggle up that Theramae put together. No matter what sized squares you use for this quilt, it still looks good and oh, so easy to quilt too. She made a 2nd quilt with just the strips across in rows with the same fabrics. I tell you, those racing flags would have made my eyes go wobbly! I'll give you a break and NOT show the other one.

Next up, Lois' "Whatever" block---my name for it as I can think of three or 4 ways to assemble this and each designer calls it something else so I say "whatever"

I should have flipped this one over to show you the back---a bright bluebird with musical staff at the center and then a bright blue solid on either side of it to increase the backing size. We all loved the way she quilted it. Actually it reminds me of a pattern Norma had suggested quilting on your domestic sewing machine. Click on her name and it will take you the excellent post she made on this subject.
Lois said that she did not mark it---wow, it looks so evenly spaced to me! She was not too enamored with how it turned it either at first---a couple of weeks later, it was starting grown on her, LOL.

This last one is probably not the most technically correct quilt--it has some puckers on top, etc and was made by some real novices. Literally. We had decided to run out for lunch today and just shut off the iron, machine, lights. By the time we got back (Mexican food in case you were wondering) our youngest member Ginny and her two young daughers were just about ready to hop into their vehicle. They had dropped off this quilt. Her oldest daughter's Sunday school class made the hand print blocks, picked out the fabric, decided where to place it during Lenten season. They were making something for someone else and sharing their time and talents as part of their lesson. One of the Mom's birthed the quilt and added some stitching for them. Ginny, of course, knew where it might find a home.

I am afraid that I don't know quite what I managed to get done today. The most workout my machine got today was when Judy sat down to stitch up a quilt back on it. Maybe, and I can't be entirely sure about this, I stitched up one bowtie block. Lois had brought her little Janome so I got her started on seaming the stack of blocks that I had stitched up at the last meeting---the center seam needed to be done. I got the pics taken so Quilt Holder didn't have to, told them about the BOM I had chosen inspired by one of Nancy's quilts and helped pin.

I had a little mishap though with the pole we suspend the quilts from. One of the quilts was hanging in the doorway but someone needed something from the closet. I have left them hanging and just slide them aside on the pool many times on the drapery rings. This time, I must have had it closer to the edge of the door for a larger quilt and down came the metal rod on my head. YOWWWW did that hurt---still does and I have a bit of a headache now. No knot or bleeding but the scalp is pretty tender.

Because the machine I quilt with may need to go to the shop, I didn't get any more of my quilt pile done the past 4 days. I had the stack down to 2---and that was only because half of one needed to be re-pinned. That puppy would have been dealt with. OHHH so close to be caught up, LOL. But I was having the most fun working with the box that Nancy had sent. I had disassembled 4 of the 5 tops and got backings readied for 7 quilts and cut binding out where needed. Most of the tops are HERE. It may make more sense of what I am about to tell you if you take a peek. Another is HERE but I can't remember what this one is called and thought maybe Nancy had said. (It might have been on King's X maybe? ) Ed note: found it---"Hidden Spools" according to Bonnie

I had gotten two tops each from the Fall Faux Log Cabin and Boot Scoot Boogie and took one of each to pin setting the other two aside for later in the year. The one Rising Star that I had reassembled yesterday will wait till we have the boys quilts done. Theramae took one of the "King's X" sections to re-attach the borders as well as the challenge of the Triple Irish Chain UFO, Nancy. She was already playing with the strips while I started on the pictures. I will take care of the other blocks on both the Star and X down the line--wrap up what we have started since we are really in the home stretch with this project. Get the bowtie top together---gotta have a bowtie quilt for boys!!

I came home and updated the quilt document, making sure they all had numbers and labels. Laundered the ones that needed it. I counted up 27 quilts here at home plus a few more that are slated for girls. Neither Linda or I could remember how many, exactly, she has at her house--31 or 37? She and her hubby will come by tomorrow afternoon to pick these up till we are ready to put them out on the church pews and deliver them to their new owners. Get my hamper back for a little while anyway, LOL.

Other than that---man, did it get hot today. Hazy with higher ozone levels. Really had I not known better I would have thought it was the middle of July or something. The weather guy said that some of the smoke from the GA-FL fires is responsible for some of that. No rain in sight either so we remain about 15 inches behind in our rainfall totals for the year. My goofy husband didn't have on the a/c either when I got home by mid afternoon---it didn't take long to change that, LOL.

Well, you know where to find me. I think one or two more days of WTIL sewing and I will need to work on the row section since it is due by month's end. The recepient may read my blog so no pics till after the retreat in early August. Off to see what you are up to--------


  1. Wow! You were busy! It sounds like you are very near your goal! If you are getting ready for the church pew quilt show, you are on the home stretch. Be sure to get lots of pictures of that one--I love seeing all the quilts spread out in the church! The quilting on the Whatever quilt is fabulous! I love it! It give s the quilt movement! I was also touched by the story behind the handprint quilt--be sure to pass the story along with that one to the recipients, I am sure they will appreciate it too.

  2. I really like the quilting on the Whatever quilt - it's unexpected but like Norma says, it really adds to the movement in the quilt. Fabulous.

  3. The last quilt is just the best - little hands reaching out . . . puckers just leave room for more love *s*

  4. Ouch! Hope your head is feeling better today. Love all the quilts--especially the sweet handprint one.

  5. I can't remember the name of that quilt you asked about. Just that it came from a Quick Quilts magazine in the mid 90s. But I've always thought it looked like Bonnie's Hidden Spools once I discovered her website.

    I have extra of that fabric I bordered the Rising Star with. I'll send it to you so you can border the other sides of the 2nd quilt. Also I think I told you I have the focal fabric from the mystery pieces/parts I sent. I'll get them packaged up this weekend. MAYBE along with a few more UFOs. That depends on whether or not I dig thru the totes in the shop this weekend.


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