May 13, 2007

Still at it

I was having so much fun with the "Dazzling Dog" blocks that I moved onto a couple more. Meet "Dan the Dane" at left-- finished up last night though it is amazing I have any fingers left. Handstitching on those ears and glasses was not easy in spots. You know how you can feel like your fingertips are bruised by the needle?

"Garcia" is at right. This time I sucked it up and did the stitching around the glasses and necklace on the machine. All the rest is by hand because I thought that those hair spikes might be too much of a challenge for my fledgling attempts. I had always thought that my hand blanket stitching looked better than my previous machine tries at it but I believe I did a passable enough job. DJ came in here to see why I wasn't sewing at breakneck speed, as I normally would be doing, LOL.

I have three more blocks to do but I will probably get back to the machine quilting tomorrow. Well, maybe part of one more as the machine is still set up for applique but then back to quilting! The snowmen and the dogs were a nice diversion though and provided the break I needed. It will be almost a week till the quilt group meets again and someone is always looking to pitch in for the binding detail---bless them all! Just means that I need to do MY part as well.

I mentioned that I had already made the "Kitty City" quilt in yesterday's post but I couldn't find where I had hidden the pic from myself. I rounded it up so here you go. It got a third place ribbon in the viewer's choice for applique category at the Gadsden Quilt Guild a few years back. DJ was upset that it didn't get a first place ribbon as he had gotten most of the patterns for me as a birthday present one year. He was always wanting to know which one I was doing next and showing more interest than usual in the process. The first place ribbon was deserved and told him that. Now, the 2nd one, I didn't think so-- it was a cross-stitched kit quilt and you could still see the blue markings. UGH

I received the next round robin box in the mail on Saturday which should be a lot of fun. Debora picked a Halloween theme and has sent a bunch of fun fabric that can be used. Nag at me a bit so I don't procrastinate till the last minute, will you? I think I have til June 2nd or 9th?

Hope you all have had a lovely Mother's Day---


  1. Your dogs are really great!
    Just popped in to say hello... forget how I got here!Lol.

  2. Linda your dogs are so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. those dogs and cat blocks are terrific, nice job, and so much fun to look at!

  4. Garcia-now that's funny *s* The blocks look great. I can't figure out how to make that stitch on my machine . . . so I just do it by hand. But I can sure see how it would be fun to finish the blocks on the machine.

  5. All the doggie blocks are just cute as bugs Linda! Fabulous work too. The snowmen are coming along nicely too. I agree with are retired, so take the time to let the body heal and do some other work!!

  6. I love Dazzling Dogs!! I did mine on the machine, I hate hand work! :) I have it hanging on my wall in front of my desk and it makes me smile every time I look at it!!

  7. How absolutely adorable!!!!! Dogs and cats...two of my favorite things. Great job.

  8. Too, too cute! Both the doggies and the kitties. I think I agree with your husband about the prize. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  9. You are on quite a roll here Linda, but how great! I left you a comment down by the poodle and there are more of those fanciful canines! Gotta love those glasses!

    Any a fun RR, that's the best news! I'm sure you won't need hounding...LOL Hugs, Finn


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