May 6, 2007

This quilt was hardly "off the press" from it's binding application yesterday when who popped up from wherever it was that she was hiding on the other side of the bed? Yep, giving it the old kitty butt test. The quilt full out, front and back, can be see here. Nothing fancy with quilting--just ditch work to make the squares and frames pop. I did all but the binding, label and trimming on Friday along with the quilt you see below.

This one is Aline's positive-negative Friendship Star that she was working on at the sew-in last month. Her busy schedule will not allow her to quilt right now so I volunteered. Quilt Holder was not happy but this time I had asked him right after he had sat down in his recliner. I didn't quite beat him back to the living room. "Is this a really big one again?" he says. I'll turn it over to one of the Belles to do the hand finishing.

I thought I might share some pics of what I see on the walking trail. It is looking South down the Chief Ladiga Trail into Anniston where it currently ends just past the Weaver city limits. They are working on another leg of it ; however, it may be hampered by funding that was either rescinded or never was assured to begin with. That leg will connect with the old Fort McClellan and the Amtrak station in Anniston. Eventually it will connect with the Silver Comet Trail out of Atlanta to the east. Because this was a Rails to Trails project IO often wonder if this is the same view the engineer and conductor would have seen. Which train ran through I am not entirely sure, not being a native Alabamian--I don't think I have googled far enough to find out, LOL.
This one and ones that follow were taken in our little park where we have a non-paved track. It is a bit easier on the legs and feet than the asphalt so I do most of my walking here--sometimes even a little bit on both sections just for variety. There are 6 different groupings of these bushes, 6 to 8 in a group planted amongst the pines. I am not sure what they are though so maybe one of you can tell me--maybe some type of jasmine or magnolia? I do not think that they have any fragrance. At any rate they seem to be about the only thing in bloom right now other than real magnolias starting to come out on the mature trees.

one close up

even closer

This is the normal view throughout the park--one lap is about a quarter mile. I currently go 6 but will probably be upping it to 7 next week. (You can see some of the same bushes off in the distance.) It was really humid, almost foggy as we had a tad of rain early this morning---not enough to measure. DJ said there was dust in the rain gauge and that was about it. But cloud cover keeps it cooler and the walking, more tolerable.
I am off to the kitchen to throw some Shipwreck Casserole into the crockpot for our supper. One of those "anything goes" recipes -- use what is on hand or switch out the veggies, lose the rice, whatever. Mom used to make it when we were kids but I sure don't want the oven on for two hours! Then I'll finish this half done quilt from yesterday shown HERE --yeah, it is girlie. I needed a break from boy colored stuff and this has been pinned and waiting for months. Pinned stack down to 4 from 8 and I could possibly get one more done before Tuesday--progress till I come home with a couple more to replace those, LOL! And so it goes--peeling and slicing awaits.


  1. love the walking views! we have similar bushes/trees here, but I don't know their name either. Great job on getting so much quilting done - I will be glued to my machine later this morning with my group.

  2. There is nothing like a cat approval :-)
    I like the pattern of this quilt.

  3. It's just amazing how our animals sense when there is new fabric or a new quilt for them to check out. Your cat is gorgeous! Such a cute face.

  4. Kitty pressed and approved! How cute is that!

    The walk in the park is beautiful. Trees.....wish we had more of them.

  5. That walking trail looks great. That kitty always looks so comfortable.Oh, and he is so cute.

  6. I think those kitties just have a sixth sense when it comes to a new softy in the house to lounge on *s*
    Thanks for taking us along your trail - it looks like a lovely, relaxing place to walk.


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