May 18, 2007

a treasure trove

DJ came in yesterday with a large box addressed to me from our blogging friend Nancy. What a treasure trove! I thought briefly about NOT opening it till I got to the quilt meeting on Tuesday but you KNOW that wasn't going to happen---too curious about the contents. Nancy had shared some pictures of a few of the completed tops in her April notes so I will refer you to her blog.

How lovely to see these tops "in the flesh". There are also a few UFO's that can be completed as well as a lovely piece of green circle fabric that can be for me personally or the kids. I think Shelina has some of this as well? Wow, it goes really well with the greens I brought home from Hancocks earlier in the week so for now it is stacked with them. Backing fabrics too which will really come in handy. I thank you again on behalf of the Bama Belles Quilting Club for your generosity, Nancy. These are going to make some really cool quilts for the boys and girls we serve.

I had to laugh a little bit ago. I was seated with ripper in hand taking apart this top (borrowing Nancy's pic so I don't have a picture-less post.) DJ stuck his head in the door and said "you are supposed to be putting those together not taking them apart!" True, but it is a large quilt that Nancy probably intended for a full to queen sized bed. Normally we shoot for tops in the 40x 60 to 50 x 70 range--so 4 x 6 with 10 inch blocks and the nice border she used will be perfect but I need to rearrange some of it slightly. And even better, get two quilts out of the one top. I can rummage up another fabric for the borders on the 2nd one to make it a little different, should they go to the same spot.

I have been quilting the past few days as planned. Wednesday I finished up the BQ I had been working on and got most of a staggered dropped squares top that Aline made with Thimbleberry fabrics that will be perfect for the boys that evening. Yesterday I finished up what remained of that top and did another BQ for Theramae. Pictures of those once the binding is done. Today I had planned on doing the Building Blocks I had made at the spring sew-in but discovered it had a small pleat in the back so half of it will need to be re-pinned---it can wait till meeting date. I DO have one other one that I could do--my Beetles shown partially done HERE---that can wait till tomorrow.
I'll see what odds and ends will need to be done with a few of these treasures to get them ready for the meeting and pinning. I know the Bama Belles will be excited to see these! For right now, I have a long border to remove.


  1. Receiving boxes in the mail is such fun - how generous of Nancy to send such an abundance of lovely things *s*

  2. You're such a busy bee - well done!

  3. woo hoo! nothing beats a quilty box in the mail-way to go Nancy for donating and clearing out her stash/ufos in a positive way and way to go Linda for taking them and turning them into needed quilts for the children. sure is a win-win deal.

  4. Dazzling Dogs...oh how cute! Winston is my fav, but they are all cute cute. Sure hope this is a LJ to keep project.

    Nancy is so very generous! Team work getting those tops turned into done-done quilts for the kids.

  5. All of you ladies are getting so many tops made! Congratulations. I know they will be helpful.


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