No quilting today either but I did get the last of the Dazzling Dog blocks done--only because I stitched almost all of it on the machine. I guess I proved to myself yesterday that yes, I could do the edge finishing and spare the fingers. The only part I hand buttonholed on any of the blocks was the curves on the flower that "Ralph" below has tucked behind the ear.

" Winston" is the monocled fellow.
And this is "Skipper"
So all 12 of the blocks are now complete but I'll set them aside till I can purchase the sashing/border fabrics at some later date. It is important for me to get those 4 and half quilts done since I may be going out of town for a week or so next month.
Since DJ's son and family were just down to see us, he does not want to make the trip back to see our family this year. That's okay---I can make other arrangements. My friend Marilyn called today and said that they will probably be heading up to the Midwest in early June to see relatives and there is room in the car. I can share a ride back to Illinois since their route takes them right past the town my youngest brother lives in. My parents are about 15 miles north of there. I'll know more by week's end. You'll know where to find me..........


  1. You have done a fabulous job on these blocks! I love each one of them! You must be having fun!

  2. These are the cutest dogs. You did a marvelous machine-job on them.

  3. I sweat it -- I saw one of those dogs MOVE! They are marvelous, so full of character - I LOVE the tropical shirt on one of them. Each one is better than the last - you've done an outstanding job.

  4. Those are the cutest doggies! Just a great job linda and the machine work looks fabulous!

  5. As I seem to remember saying before - too, too cute! Your fabric choices are wonderful! And your machine stitching looks great.

  6. I love your dog blocks, great job! I have a few of the same blocks and maybe some day I will get to them.

    You have to give me a call and maybe you will be near me when you come to Illinois. I will email you offline.

  7. These are sooooooo cute!!!! And doesn't it feel good to do something for yourself for a change? Good for you!

  8. Those are some cute pooches *s*

  9. Those are so cute! I'd almost be tempted to use one in a quilt, as a medallion, so each dog gets the attention it deserves. :)


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