Mar 21, 2008

Happy Easter--almost! Spring just sprung but you would not exactly know that from our thermometer this morning. DJ planned to play golf but was discouraged by frost. He DID go about 2 hours later than he wanted as it was warming up quickly. This afternoon, he is out painting on the shed. So far it looks like we have yet another green toned paint that doesn't quite match. We'll see after the 2nd coat is put on over that primer but it looks like three shades of green on there now, this last bit looks a bit olive.

Me? Goofing off, I'm afraid. Chatting with a couple of friends, surfing a bit. A continuation of yesterday's goofing off actually. I've been reading a bit lately, did some stitching on the bluework snowmen. No sewing unless you count finishing up the binding on my Merkitty challenge quilt. That only took the better part of the 3 days--ugh. BUT I finally got around to all the blogs I subscribe to even if I didn't comment on everyone's--some were too far after the fact. Good to check in with you all though and see what you are up to. I might sew a bit on those revamped braid blocks in a bit.

A visit to Libby and Finn showing pictures of themselves and/or siblings in their Easter finery as children led me to dig out a few pictures from my photo album and scan them.

I think I was about 3 (?) in these pictures but I don't have a date on the back of the photos. My grandparents must have been visiting with us as there is also a shot of my brother and I with our parents in my album taken that same day, I believe. All I know is that the third child down the line is NOT in any of the photos at that point but I think my mom was expecting with him. I am three years older than Dave as he was born just one day before my 3rd birthday in August. I'm only 16 months older than my brother Steve who doesn't look very big to me in the shot above. Well, we both were when you see us standing next to Mom and Dad.
Mom will tell me if I am off base on this whole story, LOL. My maternal grandmother made the outfit I am wearing. Purse, hat, coat and dress. No gloves but I have one from my 4th birthday that DOES have the gloves and big petticoat. Maybe when my bday rolls around this summer I'll share that one. Banana curls and all, like Margaret in "Dennis the Menace"
Well those blocks aren't getting done but obviously I am not aching to sew in the first place. Maybe I'll put a few more rows in my cardigan instead? Too many choices and not enough hours to get it all done in the first place. Easier to just kick it down a notch and recharge the batteries. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. It sounds like it is no warmer down your way than it is here! I wish Spring weather would come now! I love the early Easter pictures! Aren't you just the cutest!

  2. You are a cutie the curls!

  3. Darling pics *s* That hat is really something!
    I think Mom used to curl my hair as a way to keep me out of her hair *s* She would fill my head with pin curls and plop me under the hooded dryer - the one with the cap and a hose - set the dial to 'Ear Burning' and leave me there for what seemed like hours. Oh the things we endured.
    Happy Easter . . . eat some Jelly Beans.

  4. Oh my haven't changed a bit! LOL That is you for sure and for real! Cutie Pie!!!


  5. What a little doll! Love your hat! My mother used to put my really long hair in ringlet curlers every night! When I rebeled and went to bed without them...I would wake up and she had put the curlers the night! And I too remember the hair bonnett dryers...sigh...

  6. what an adorable 3 year old you looked, and wow, all handmade fancy clothes-very nice


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