Mar 26, 2008

ready for a quilt show?

Are you ready for a mini quilt show? Here are a few of the quilts that have been turned in with my thanks to the Belles for the binding help.

1st up, "Bricks" pieced by Aline and quilted by me. Cool crane fabric used as the focus fabric. This one may be staying locally--not sure yet.

Next up, "Just Can't Cut It"--pieced by my mom Elsie H and quilted by me. This one is going to Pam and the M2M project.

The next one you have seen a little bit of already if you have read my previous posts. The cow blocks are like a modified "Bright Hopes" block with a few nine patches thrown in. Not knowing what to do to fill the snowball shape, I quilted the word "moo" in that spot. Top pieced by Elsie and I already said I quilted it, LOL. Headed to M2M.

Next one, Mom called "Leftovers". Some of that same cow print made its way into the modified churn dash blocks (actual name is Crow's Nest or Attic Window Brackman #1647--I just looked in BlockBase) with a modified coloration of a Shoo Fly block. I kept it simple and just echoed the 9 patch grid in the alternating blocks. Headed to M2M.

DJ really like this one. Pattern: Jacob's Strings from Quilter's Cache Pieced by Elsie and quilted by me. Headed to M2M

Next, "Bright Hopes" in a fall theme and set on point. The leaf fabric is leftover from the WTIL raffle quilt that we assembled a few years back--the one that Cher won. Pieced by Elsie and quilted by me. Headed to M2M.

This is probably my favorite one. When I was "home" last summer we were picking out the fabrics from Mom's stash for her to make the top and saving out some pastel plaids for another in the book, I might add. Yellow is my neutral after all! Pattern is "And All That Jazz" from Evelyn Sloppy's book 40 Fabulous Quick-Cut Quilts. Headed to M2M.

And tada! My Merkitty challenge quilt--finally quilted and bound by me on both counts. I figured that was NOT one that the Belles should help me with. The woman who donated the challenge fabric to the group requested that the resultant quilts go to WTIL headquarters. Pattern: Jacob's Elevator from Trudie Hughes Crib Quilts.
At our meeting yesterday I spent most of my time taking pictures, LOL but also marking the remodeled top that Finn donated. It will probably take less time for me to quilt it as mark it for quilting. It was the only one that I got pinned--the other three tops I had on hand can wait till next time we meet. Aline and Jane did pin two tops while they were there but I kept marking. Judy came by before and after a couple of appointments while Betsy sewed and Pat F worked on some binding.
Today after I walked ( I think one or two extra laps since I was walking with someone else and we lost count, LOL) I ran by a friend's house to pick up some fabric and quilting/sewing supplies. Some belonged to an up the street neighbor who had passed away. So I spent most of the afternoon sorting through that--tossing some, laundering others. Got a basket full to press yet---ugh big time.
DJ and I also ran by the flooring store after lunch. We will getting some wood laminate put down in the kitchen and laundry room in about a week. Our white vinyl is impossible to keep clean and had been thinking about our options for a few months now. Lots of stuff to move out of the room next week---non-appliance things.


  1. Wow - that's a lot of quilts. Great job to all involved on all of them.

  2. WTG! I love the quilt show. So many finishes and so many lucky ones who will receive the quilts.

  3. The Jacob's Strings quilt came out wonderfully! May I post your photo of it with the pattern on The Quilter's Cache??

    Marcia :o)

  4. Mmmm - I do love a good quilt show *s* Thanks for sharing.

  5. loved the quilt show! love all the quilts your mom does - she has such great eye for color combinations-new flooring huh? that will be great!

  6. PRETTY quilt show! They're all georgous.

    I love my wood laminate. So easy to keep clean.

  7. Always in the mood for a lovely quilt show! Just wonderful!


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