May 9, 2008


A little sewing going on around here in recent days. I mentioned that a friend had donated some blocks but I needed to make 7 more to complete the top. She had more muslin bases cut out but I cut those up for the sashing on the block bases.

I only used some of my cut strips and about 20 inches off my muslin bolt for this top but I did use donation fabric for the cornerstones, backing and binding. Does that count, LOL? I am not formally keeping a tally of the stash in/stash out though I know some are.

Yesterday I started assembly on Sarah's memorial heart quilt. I have been thinking about how I was going to assemble the block that the Bama Belles donated for this project for a bit now and ultimately, just dove in. Many of the blocks were 6 inches in size so I ended up doing like a medallion type center. I only needed to make one more block that size and did that this afternoon. I have 12 more blocks to add into the scheme of things but I'll mull that over tomorrow. Maybe by Sunday I'll have something to share again.

It has really warmed up around here. There were storm threats out yesterday but we only got about a 1/2 inch of much needed rain. DJ is trying to grow some grass seed to patch up a few spots in the yard so it is good if Mother Nature will lend a hand. Last year we spent a good part of the year under watering restrictions and we are currently about 4 inches behind on rainfull totals for the year.

This was not the picture I had hoped to take of Skyler this afternoon. When I went to get the camera he had his head laying on the little pillow and was curled up in the recliner. He hears the camera power up and gets up and heads to where he heard the sound.

I did get one of him on the kitchen rafters the other night though. DJ is bothered by this when he runs up there at breakneck speed. It does me too but actually it bothers me more when he starts peering down like he might try to jump down from there---where I don't know. When he sees me, he normally comes down but DJ scolds him first. Not sure where exactly this stuff is going to land as I am using a different browser and the edit tab does not look the same. Whatever...............

We have recently switched back to cable TV from satellite dish. Both of us were spoiled by having a DVR though I used the recording part more than he did. He liked the pausing and rewinding live TV more. My DVD player quit working recently and the VCR died earlier in the week so he got me a DVR this morning---not one with a hard drive but that's okay. That is a bit too pricey for us and we may well go back to satellite when our contract is up. Anyway, I had a little snafu in hooking it up but that was fairly easily solved when I worked back through the process. That all took a chunk out of my morning. I spent some time this afternoon working on programming it and then watching "Juno" while I sewed.

Other than that--walking this morning, laundry detail---that home stuff that needs done.

Happy Mother's Day to all but especially my own.


  1. I like how you sewed all the string blocks together...very unify-ing. Skylar would worry me up sooo high but, hey, I don't 'do' ladders!

  2. That picture of Skyler up so high is scary. You can never know when they will get a crazy idea in their heads and try to jump down from 8 feet in the air! Years ago, my Sasha would bug me by climbing up on the high plant ledges in my former house, and wouldn't come down when I called her. Scolding did not help - I think that just irritates cats. I found the magic noise that would make her come down in record time - rattle the "Pounce" treat can! Is there something like that he just can't resist? You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

  3. I love those string blocks! I love that they're not all at the same angle;it gives the quilt a lot of movement. Skyler sure is adventurous...

  4. Sykler seems very at home and I'm sure he is good company dispite his 'high wire' antics.

  5. I love your string quilt! It is just perfect, the sashing brought it all together so well. I always enjoy your kittie pics, it is amazing how high they can get!!

  6. Looks like you've got a little daredevil on your hands *s*

  7. I love that string quilt! Isn't Skyler the cutest sitting up there nice and pretty so you can take his picture! I think he would make me nervous if he was my cat and liked to get up so high! He is absoloutely fearless!


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