May 15, 2008

meeting wrap up

The Belles met on Tuesday and here are a couple of the lovely finished quilts we saw. Aline had completed her Janet Jones Worley quilt from I believe, "Quilts for Chocolate Lovers "or another of her books. I think this is one called "Red Velvet Cake" Aline duplicated similar fabrics. This was from a workshop that was given at the Jacksonville (AL) guild and Lois has a top made but in lovely teals. Beading, applique and all sorts of pretty things!

Lois had completed this quilt for donation. I call this one "Whatever" because I know of 4 ways to piece it and came up with my own variation concerning those HSTs at the top so in that case, who do you credit?? Lois has made several of these--another is in progress. Somehow those scraps just keep reproducing! I love the wavy quilting lines that she used for this as well as the fun fabric she used for the borders and backing. I had a suggestion for another pattern that she might want to explore---not sure what it is called but something I saw on the stashbuster list some time back. Diagonal Irish Chain perhaps??? I know it is one that I want to do as a "leaders-enders" thing and she might too.

I did get the heart quilt backing that I mentioned in my last quilt done on Monday. I had put phone calls in to the two people who had made the blocks to see if it would be okay to include them but piece them into the backing. Both were gracious enough to allow that. The group pinned the 3 tops that I had ready--I have to say that I didn't do my fair share of pinning but I did get the crosshatching marked for the heart quilt and seamed the batting for it. Does that count, LOL? I really should have gotten a photo of Lois' butterfly top that was also pinned. Definitely when it is minus the pins! She even used a pretty butterfly print for the backing.

The fabric you see is what I passed out for this years challenge quilt. I was trying to describe this to my mom and the FABS. I figured that a picture would be worth a thousand words, in this case. The fabric was given to us by a fellow WTIL list mate with the stipulation that it be made for kids and donated to Wrap 'Em when done. I had enough yardage to pass out a yard or near yard this time though some will use a companion print that is less packed with motifs. Already the minds are whirling with some pattern ideas---Just Can't Cut It, BQ 2 or perhaps any of the links that have been flying back and forth between Pat, Norma and I lately as we try to decide on a project involving Halloween fabrics. HERE was the latest one--does anyone know the pattern source on this one?? Pat thought that it could be easily strip pieced and I believe she is right.

So what exactly did I do at the meeting? I mentioned to one of the girls about a quick method I had just watched on video on the computer. Norma had sent the LINK on to the FABS. It seems that Ricky Timms had showed a flying geese that used just one seam that he had been taught by a quilter(s?) in England. Intriguing, huh? I had Linda cut up some of the scrap fabric she was working with on a crazy patch border she was doing for a quilt and we tried it. He said to cut 2- 3 inch squares for the sky fabric and a rectangle 3 x 5 1/2 for the geese fabric. Well, my "notes got cold" in between times and I really should have sat down and stitched one up right then so I would remember how to demonstrate it to the group. I could remember the sizes to cut but not exactly where to the folded was to be placed. The first one I had her stitch was wrong sides out and the second or third time it landed too close to the top but finally we had it figured out. You make the fold with the WRONG sides together and put the raw edges together at the top of the 3 inch square on the bottom. Overlay the 2nd part of the sandwich and stitch a 1/4 inch seam on the right hand side. It's dimensional! Not unlike the beginning steps you take in making a 3D bowtie. I am a whiz at those!

I ended up making 8 or 9 of these things in no time so they would have something to play with and see how it went together, LOL Linda C said she wished she would have had this trick after she made 200 some of them for a recent quilt project! We had a visitor from one of the other quilt groups who said she missed seeing me at that group as I always had a pattern idea that she enjoyed to share---3D bowties was one of them. Linda M said she had shared it with her MIL and the MIL had made like 5 or 6 bowtie quilts since that time. I bet she shows her this geese thing too and this will spread like wildfire in the Calhoun County quilt groups. Now other sizes will take some calculating but right now my piece measures 3 1/4 by 5 1/2 sewing on someone else's machine.

What fun! Well, I best hit the shower as I have to make my "command appearance" at the Home Extension meeting in an hour. I spent a big chunk of the day making sure that the files were in order--tossed a bunch of papers that I knew for a fact were not even looked at in my tenure. I thought I had held this office for maybe 4-5 years but you know how time gets away from you---I started in November of 01. Sheesh, no wonder I need out from under this obligation. So there goes my morning when I need to be home sewing on that row robin. Keep "nagging", Pat, as I need a giant push, girlfriend.

Carolyn at Ohio Quilter Journey is having a fabric giveaway. Stop by and answer a question and link back from your blog to enter!


  1. Red Velvet Cake...LOVE that quilt!

    GF, after I read your posts I feel like we've just sat down and had a great are bestest for keeping us informed about your days!

    Like I said last night, just go to the mtg, hand over the goods, smile and then get the heck out of there...LOL Hopefully they will honor you appropriately for all your many years of service!!!


  2. as always, thanks for sharing of the quilts from the are a very talented group!

    Glad you figured out the geese. I'll need to work on those too.

    LOVE the challenge fabric and can hardly wait to see how the Belles all make their own spin on the fabric.

    Hope you got 'the goods' passed on to the next volunteer. good for you for doing it for 7 years! no wonder you have the itch to stop :)

    No sewing here either...maybe we can get to some sewing in the morning, okay?

  3. Beautiful quilts, as always. Thanks for the "tutorial" on the flying geese. One of the girls in our group has shown this but I have not taken the time to do one. I will now!

  4. I have notes on how to make that dimensional flying geese block too. Excellent idea to make one up right away - before I forget what I meant in my notes! LOL I avoid flying geese blocks as the bias in the triangles just stretches the thing out of shape. I am hoping this technique keeps the block "truer" and more square.


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