Aug 30, 2008

checking in on a Saturday

I know, I know--I have not really been online all week but I have been busy elsewhere. Doing what? Mostly sewing on the t-shirt quilt and tending to things around the house. Boring, I know but it keeps me out of mischief.

Here is a picture I took the other day of my two guys. Skyler is known to suddenly appear on the window ledge when I am getting things out of the refrigerator to prepare a meal--usually with a full throated meow. Kitty version of a lion's roar, I guess. Once I get in cooking position he opts for getting underfoot and does his best "pathetic" meow in hopes he will get a handout. My home from a slightly different angle as well.

The commissioned t-shirt top is done as off early Friday afternoon. I had 6 more blocks made that will not fit on the front--it is about 92 x 95 before a small border was added so I worked up a design to incorporate them into the back. I am just about done with it as of this afternoon using up all the white on white I was given for this plus what I had leftover from the LAST t-shirt quilt. I also used up the remaining yardage of the black and all but the odds and ends of the polka dots----and I still need something for a top and bottom borders on it to get it up to size for the long arm quilter. I am not sure that I have anything on hand to use for it but boy, was I stashbusting! At this point I am debating about taking the back up "as is" The shop that commissioned it may have something that can be used or can get it easier than me plus they were not expecting like , TWO tops anyway. I have some leftover hot pink from a previous project that might work--if I have enough of it.

DJ called me out to the utility room a couple days ago to see this little creature hanging on the screen. Some sort of bat. He kept telling me to get a picture of it though I sure didn't want to risk it deciding to fly into me. I had to take something out to the car or I might not have gone out in the first place. My suggestion that HE take the danged picture was falling on deaf ears, LOL.

The Belles met on Tuesday and I do have a couple of picture to share so I will post those later. Just 4 of us there so we pinned a bit--a few personal projects mostly. We did go out to Olive Garden for lunch--I messed up their plans two weeks ago in that regard.

At the meeting I marked a railroad crossing top that my mom had given me and intend to hand quilt a motif in the plain squares. I'll lock in the blocks with some SID first though but I look forward to starting on this---it will be a couch quilt for DJ though I think it might be pushing it for him to expect it to be done by Christmas or our late January anniversary. One of the girls wants me to show her how to hand quilt so I will trace off a block for her to practice on and probably be working on this top myself.

We are watching with a lot of interest the track of Hurricane Gustav. Tropical Storm Fay brought us some much needed rain---8 inches of rain in our gauge over a 3 day span of time and according to the paper, we are back up to our average rainfall totals for the year now. Good new after the drought years. Depending on where this next one comes in, we might be in for more. There were about 8 tornadoes in Alabama on Monday though--one F-1 hit in the eastern part of the county near where DJ plays golf. He had just left there about 2 hours earlier in the day actually.

Just not a lot happening around here to share with you----some week's are like that, I guess. Life isn't always a thrill a minute, is it?


  1. you did a great job on that tee shirt top Linda..and always nice to see photos of your guys.

  2. another great looking t-shirt top!

    cute picture of your boys and no thanks, you can keep the bat!

    Stay safe in the storm, okay?

  3. The t-shirt quilt looks great! I hope that one is history by the time I get home and we can work on something a little more fun!

    I hope that bat was on the other side of the window from you--a little glass between you. I have had an "up close and personal" experience with at bat in my lifetime and I hope never to have another!

  4. I always enjoy your pictures of Skyler, what a beautiful kittie. How do you keep your t-shirt pieces from stretching? Yout top turned out beautifully!

  5. Oh I just love that quilt. You're so good at making those t-shirt quilts.I also enjoy seeing your kitties,they remind me of my cat, Sonia,I had her for 10 years.I still miss that girl.I haven't gotten close to another cat since.

  6. Oh by the way if I had seen a bat like that I would've totally freaked out and would have run as fast as my legs could go in the other direction of course.


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