Aug 15, 2008

copy cat!

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 35.
What is your score? Get it here.

Copied from Pat who apparently got it from Mama Koch at Oklahoma Cookie Maker who found it on Susan's Desertsky spot who got it from...........well, you get the picture, LOL. Making the rounds in bloggerland. I think my full name when I tried it only totalled 21 so I guess that Q in quilt really zooms up the numbers!

Me? Still binding that danged t-shirt quilt though I have about 2/3rds of it done.

It looks like I have another t-shirt top on the horizon though. I know, I know I said I wasn't going to do any commission work but this is my choice. My price will be met plus I don't have to worry about quilting or binding it. I really, really want to go to Oregon about this time next year to meet with the FABS so the payout goes in my airfare fund. Thanks to an "out of the blue" check from my parents and my birthday money from DJ, I have some seed money but with airfare being what it is, more will need to be added.

You see, the woman that quilted this one called a couple days ago to ask what I would charge the shop to make a top for one of their clients. 6 months ago Grandma dropped off a sack of shirts with the comment that DGD would be bringing them polka dot fabric (? interesting choice?) to go with them soon. The dots finally showed up. They really like the shadow effect of mine saying it is the prettiest t-shirt quilt they have ever seen. Picture is the post seen HERE. Well, I don't know about that but it is different with the shadow thing instead of just sashed and cornerstoned. This way Susan can keep quilting and she and Joan will not have to worry about making the top themselves. They will box up 5 yards of background fabric with the shirts plus reimburse me for the interfacing and black fabric I use. Even better, there is no big rush as it has waited this long but I would want it moved along and not hanging over my head for too long.

Other than that---my smacked up toe is getting better. I can get my shoes on though it not the most comfortable thing to do. To be fair, I am not all the crazy about wearing shoes in the first place when sock footed works so well, LOL. I think I may be able to try hitting the walking trail again if I can get those shoes on by the weekend. I feel like such a slug when I don't get my walking in. Between another health situation and my toe injury that has been out of the question for almost 12 days now. I do NOT want to become a habit or an excuse not to do what I KNOW I need to do.

Hope you all have a good weekend ahead-----


  1. good to know you will get back to walking soon. I have to agree, this will be good to fatten the kitty for your trip...but I still think you need to do some personal projects next!

  2. Your blog is wonderful. I'd love to have you join Just Us Quilters! Just remember, I require a link back to the blog, HTML provided on my blog. We're up to 350 quilters now I believe!

  3. Well, I think in this situation it's a good deal and on your terms! Sounds good! I love the way they seem to float with the black!


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