Apr 1, 2009

WIP Wednesday?

Ah, not so much piecing going on today though I just finished piecing the latest commissioned t-shirt quilt yesterday. Does that count LOL? We had the possibility of storms in the afternoon so I started piecing early in the day on the 3rd and 4th vertical rows. By afternoon we had it spread out on DJ's bedroom floor to snap a horizontal measurement for the top and bottom borders. I took a picture of it at that point though I had yet to apply said borders. Horrid picture since I cut off a few blocks and it is not laying down straight either. Maybe Susan & Joan can get a decent shot of it when it is delivered to the owner? This is a surprise gift for him, they said, but may be hard to keep since he works right next door to the shop.

Today we had a break in the weather and a gorgeous spring day though the week's forecast includes more rain and possible thunderstorms. I got my walking in and was able to run a few errands with DJ but I figured this would be the best day to make a run up to Boaz to deliver the t-shirt quilt.

In exchange for making the t-shirt quilt, Susan is going to quilt my Cheese and Cracker top shown HERE plus reimburse me for any fabric and interfacing that I use to make the t-shirt top. I hurried up and washed up the 3 plus yards of 108 inch backing last night in preparation for the trip up there, though at that point I didn't know which day I would be going. A service for a service so that worked out well for both of us. They both sew but just don't have time to do the piecing plus they like the way I set the shirt pieces, too. Susan said that someone in the area sets them all cattywampus which would be an interesting look.

While I was there, another client came in with a completed top. As it turns out, she is a 30's nut like me. Susan had to haul CNC out again. LOL, the customer and Joan were looking at the fabrics closely---"I've never seen that one" "I have that one in another color" LOL. Joan had two gorgeous quilts to show me as well, one with 30's that I had seen as a top on my last run up there. Both were in the Geraldine Quilt show over the weekend. I didn't go this year though and was happy to see them completed. We had a nice visit before I headed back.

It was such a nice day for a drive! I didn't call anyone to see if they wanted to go along for the ride since it was so short notice. I didn't actually decide I was going until 11. Maybe on the return trip when CNC is ready for pickup. The route up there is basically 4 lane divided highway but I cut off of US 431 in a couple of spots through the residential sections of three towns along the way. There are lots of dogwoods both wild and cultivated in bloom. I spotted azalea bushes in all shades of red, pink and white. There is wisteria hanging everywhere and lots of redbud too. I love spring!

Our bushes are starting to come out too. The azalea shown is one that was originally in a planter when we first moved in here 11 years ago. The leaves look a little washed out--not green and glossy so we may need to refer to the gardening books. The other bush we have is much smaller with a little larger bloom. The yard (weed patch really) looks really shaggy but DJ is out on the mower now taking care of that.

DJ's pampered lilac bush is starting to come out as well. Lots and lots of small buds yet to open. We also have a few jonquils and lupines in bloom but I didn't take a picture of those.

Earlier today DJ and I picked up some marigolds to put where we have our Pippi buried. It was a year ago this past Saturday that we lost her. That still makes me sad. BUT by the same token, that means that this coming Friday will mark the day that Skyler came home to live with us. I made a good choice there.

SO what's next in the sewing department? I whole heartedly believe in the "reward" system. If you finish up one task, then get to work on something you want to. In my case that would be the machine applique and quilting of the "Be Kind" block. I switched out machines last night so I am sort of ready once I change machine feet and wind a bobbin or two.

I had binding to press for the t-shirt quilt and the two donation quilts I pinned last week. I also cut some binding strips for Judy's quilt. By the time I got done with all that tasks and cleaning up the mess in the room, I was ready to call it quits in the creative department.

I may just do a little redwork on the Santa block tonight and get a fresh start on "Be Kind" tomorrow---see how I feel after supper. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it------------


  1. I never tire of looking at your tshirt quilts...they are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the pics of spring...hopefully soon spring will arrive in WI!

    Glad you had a good visit at the quilt shop :)

  2. I love the t-shirt quilt! You made an excellent trade - making a quilt top in exchange for machine quilting one of yours! Like Pat, I enjoyed seeing all the signs of Spring in your neck of the woods. With any luck, Spring will come to the North soon too!

  3. loved catching up-and hurray for your bargello quilt on your bed! it turned out fantastic.

  4. We have that "good day/bad day" pet anniversary too. We are always sad on March 27th, the date we lost our beloved cat Sasha in 2002, but then we get to celebrate our current cat Molly's birthday on the 30th. The bitter and the sweet, linked together.

    I have the same variety of azalea and it always looks a little raggedy at the end of winter. Give it a dose of Espoma "Holly-tone" fertilizer (good for any acid loving plant like azaleas, rhodedendrons and hollies) and trim off the dead bits, and it will perk up quickly. I recommend any of the other Espoma fertilizers too, especially the ones for roses and tomatoes.

  5. Oh Linda I love the way you set your t-shirt quilt. I have one on my list of 'must do' this year. May I copy you a little? My GS picked out a bunch of his old shirts and I've been in the process of getting them prepped for sewing. Just hadn't settled on what I want to do exactly. But now after seeing yours, I'd like to have the blocks set like yours. OMGosh! You even have a tutorial. I'm printing it as I write now.
    Oh... I forgot what I came for. heehee Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came to see your 4 patch posie and completely got sidtracked. Love all your quilts and flowers. Now I'm going to see what else I've missed.
    Have a great day.
    Happy Easter


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