Mar 30, 2009

Let the dancing begin!

Color me happy today! I was preparing our lunch when Janet, our postal person, honked to let me know that she had a package for one of us. I am expecting a small fabric order but imagine my surprise when it was my Superbowl 08 bargello quilt that Norma just finished quilting 10 days ago! I know it went in the mail on the 21st but she told me to expect 12 business days. It is here---already! I had to restrain myself from ripping into the package till I finished fixing lunch and dishes were put up.

I trimmed off a good bit of the extra batting and backing as I intend to sleep under this tonight even if the binding is NOT on yet. Norma did a wonderful job of it and took some photos of the closeup quilting--allover Baptist fans in a nice green that goes well with the borders and backing---two different shades of green there.

Well, you can see the borders better in the picture below. Thank you so, so much, Norma. You know I will always think of you and the two of us sewing over that weekend. Of course, there is the origins of the fabrics to think of as well. There is some sent to me from the FABS as gifts. When my mom knew I was making a scrappy bargello, she sent a box of cut strips. Of course, I dug out stuff from my own 3 1/2 inch scrap container and trimmed then down---my squares finish at 2.5 inches. I DO recognize bits and pieces that had been used in previous donation quilts so all in all, a memory project. Skyler is checking it out now though not the strip that Joey tested out.

As far as any production around here. I was right---not much to show for my efforts. I took yesterday off from sewing and moved the Bird Brain Santa I showed you in my last post along. Except for the coat buttons and face stuff, the main Santa figure is done now leaving the birdhouse and standing tree to complete. Not done by month's end but getting closer than it was!

The t-shirt top is moving along nicely as well. The shirt sections are all framed and have the shadow sections applied. Saturday I worked out the layout and drew it up in EQ and finished off the evening by cutting out the background sashing for between the blocks as well as all the vertical spacers. I also cut and joined all the binding strips so that will be ready for the long arm quilter. I will start on the vertical row assembly after I post this note.

So this week's and next short term goals
  • finish and deliver the t-shirt top
  • applique and quilt "Be Kind"
  • binding----first Judy's commissioned binding as that needs to take precedence and then my bargello. I will definitely have some hand work to do in coming days
  • redwork when my hands will forgive me
Hope you have had a good day and thanks for stopping by----------


  1. What a wonderful treasure in the snail mail! A quilt full of memories...may you have sweet dreams under it tonight :)

  2. I am so glad the quilt arrived ok. I am always a little apprehensive when trusting the post office with our treasured quilts. The post office always wants to know the value of the goods in the parcel. Like I told the postal worker--the value would likely be nothing to her and priceless to the recipient of the parcel. There is no way to put a dollar value on the memories in a quilt like this. I was only too happy to add my two cents to the production! May you have many peaceful nights with pleasant dreams sleeping under that quilt. .....and it does look good on your bed!

  3. I absolutely love your quilt, I bet it is so snuggly and warm. Pretty! I am also enjoying your t-shirt quilt in progress...dimensional!


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