Mar 9, 2009

Monday check-in

Skyler hiding up in the baskets but guess what? I know you are there, LOL. Too bad I didn't get the camera fast enough when he was wriggling to get up in that tight spot. (Pam, recognize that Hunter Star foundation stuff?)

It has been a kind of lazy day today. Just one errand to run after lunch. Marilyn came by with a couple of small quilts that I had agreed to quilt for her. A couple of phone calls from friends. The Belles decided to have a potluck lunch tomorrow so I made my dish for that plus threw something in the crock for supper so dinner prep will be a snap.

I had been working on my stack of Twisted Sisters blocks and have two wedges on a pile of close to 50 blocks. I only completed one when I took the workshop shown HERE. The background are all the same as are the bright orange centers. Gonna make two happy, happy quilts for donation. Well, you catch a glimpse of it in the picture to the right, below, as well. I packed up the blocks, machine, sewing materials and loaded up the car for the meeting as I am always rushing to get out the door in the mornings. I can find something else to work on tonight, believe me!

During some TV viewing time with DJ I have been putting some stitches in another of my Birdbrain Design Santas. I had just those dangling hearts and stars left on the hat plus the eyes and nose to finish up today so this guy is hot off the press. So far I have been able to stick with the one a month idea with these. A finish is a finish no matter how small, right?

I am thinking I will pull out the Williams Inn bin and cut out the base for the Easter themed block and get the rough cuts for the applique ready. This system has been working out well. It is ready when I have time to do the fusing and machine applique allowing me to stay on track.

The FABs have been talking about what group project we might want to do next. We find that working as a group spurs us along towards a finish. There is some talk of jackets, specifically the Heart Warming Jacket from Back Porch Press. Problem is, they don't list the adult size on their website but do show a child's version. I know this one has been around since I started quilting back in the late 80's--classic design. We might just pick a pattern from our collections and run with that instead. Some of us think we should pick a Saturday or a weekend to get a UFO or some other project that is nagging at us moved along. Again, if you are accountable to someone it might just happen. I have a pretty good idea which one that would be but will keep it to myself since I am apt to change my mind, LOL. No one said I couldn't!!

Till next time---thanks for stopping by!


  1. Skyler is just too cute peeking out from there! The stitches on that santa block are perfect!!! I am looking forward to our next challenge - a first for me - I have never made anything like a quilted jacket before. Until we get a chance to work on that, we can work on the UFO Move It Along Challenge. Easier to stay on track when you have to report in to someone. Move it along or hang your head in shame!

  2. AOKA cracks me up...he just wants to be in a spot where he can keep an eye on you at all times...or nap the day away, which ever he chooses at any given time.

    So...Hunters Star raises the question: If you give away your UFO's do they become someone else's UFO's or do they become new projects? LOL

    I need to get my jacket started...vacation will be here and I will be disappointed if I don't have my jacket done.



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