Mar 25, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I can tell that this is going to be one of those weeks where I am not going to have a lot to show for my efforts, LOL.

I just started another Birdbrain Designs Santa last night and didn't get very far with it. I will pick it up when I need a sit down job today. Ordinarily any piecing or quilting takes place in the afternoons so it is nice to have something to grab for handwork in the morning hours. Even a couple inches at a time will add up.

Monday I whacked the 20 t-shirts apart for the commissioned t-shirt quilt. I cut out the interfacing while I was at it so I'll work on the fusing and secondary cutting after lunch. The sashing fabrics and black for the shadows are all wash and pressed. I expect the background fabric to arrive in a day or two. This project is started but won't look like anything till some sewing can really commence. Some drawing in EQ will be needed as well.

Yesterday was the quilt meeting but I was "it" till about the time I was ready to pack things up and go get lunch. Some are out of town, another recuperating from surgery, other plans and obligations obviously.

I pinned my two Twisted Sister tops and because it needed done, joined the cut away batting strips into a piece large enough for another quilt top. Sarah used to take that on as her "job" and now it kind of falls to me or let it pile up.

Nancy arrived about 1130 and about 15 minutes later a lady from the Monday evening quilt guild who Nancy had just told me was interested in coming to our group. LOL, of all days to have NO group. (Actually I had met Jackie before at the Collinsville quilt shop as her MIL who also quilts lives there) We just suggested she join us down the street at a local deli/bakery--she had already eaten but she could get a cup of coffee and dessert or something and we could continue our visit.

I didn't feel like standing up at the cutting/pressing table working on those t-shirts once I got home. I had spent almost 4 hours standing on that hard flooring at the Fellowship Hall and my back and knees were telling me to sit down. I listened!

Shown above, Skyler looking fairly docile. Lately about 8, 9 o'clock at night he takes to tearing up to the top of the kitchen pass through at 90 m.p.h. Cats like to be up as high as they can get, I understand that but this little goofball has taken to STANDING up on it. I have not actually seen him do it but DJ sure has. He has the lightbulb shape and a lot of bulk in his hind quarters so I am guessing that his center of gravity is such that he can sit/stand fairly easily. He does it often enough on terra firma. But enough with this appearance of being a tightrope walker already, Little Boy! Normally he gets down if I go in the living room but later I'll hear DJ saying something like "Skyler, settle down" and he has run up there again meowing like crazy to let you know he is there.

As I was driving to the meeting place yesterday I could see that the dogwood is out. Not a lot of the azaleas yet though it won't be long. DJ said ours have budded but just aren't open yet. It is raining today and the weather guy says we might be due for stormy weather by Friday and possible rainful totals from 5-8 inches. I guess the fronts that are passing through the Midwest that are creating flooding there are just moving on down. We are behind a few inches on the rainfall totals but it would be better not to get it all at once!

That's it from here---need to go start re-heating our lunch anyway.

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  1. love reading and catching up with you Linda. that Skyler is quite the lively I love hearing his tales.


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