Mar 1, 2009

this and that

One of my friend's (Marilyn) had invited several of the girls from my quilt group to her home yesterday for a Twisted Sisters class. Her husband was out of town at a hunt club with their son so it was the perfect time for a bunch of us to come over and sew. Several people from her church came as well but they had not done quilt piecing before. Marilyn with Ada helping her worked more one on one with them through the process---how to cut, make a strip set and then proceed with the block.

She ordered the books and templates for us and there was some question about them coming in time for the class as things were in a reprint/revision mode. Had I had mine in hand prior to class time I probably gotten more than this one lonely block done, LOL.

You are instructed to cut the strip sets in 4 1/2 inch chunks but that seems to be an extra step in the process when you can line up the marked line on the seam and cut on all four sides. One of the girls was using WOF and found that she could get two extra blades out of the strip by NOT chunking it up first. She was working in patriotic colors with set colors through out---same print in the background and a stripe for the blades so it was important for her not to waste too much fabric. I can understand why you might want to do it as instructed but probably would alter my plans next time.

I cut too many strips! Not having the booklet ahead of time I just whacked up 4 strips for the blades in about 11 different colors. That will net me just about enough blocks for two donation quilts so I'll make one more strip set. I am still cutting wedges---with about 24 to go--because I want this project bag ready to roll when I pick it back up again. I'll go like fire chaining these things through. That Jem will be smokin'! Now I could have sewed a bit more at class yesterday but it was my choice to keep cutting. It was fun to watch the others and see their progress. Visit and see the different color combinations they picked and such. I am using the same colored background through---that kit fabric gold on gold that I love and a bright orange for all the centers with brights for the blades. One of the sewers brought her, I would guess, about 12 yr. old son with her; he guaranteed that kids will like those bright polka dots! Just the stamp of approval I needed then.

You see, I knew that I was going to have to set this aside for a few days while I finish up my March "Be Attitudes" block and my Cheese and Crackers borders. That means working on all three of my machines as each project was started on a different one. I want all the tasks done on each machine before I swap it out. The Viking I use for machine applique and quilting. The Brother was the machine of choice for CNC so I want to maintain the same seam allowance for the pieced border, for sure! The Janome Jem is my "haul around" machine so TwSis needs to be finished on it.

What else is going on? Skyler was in maniac mode and about to jump atop the fridge so he could get up on the passway. Silly boy! I have a bit of video of part of that. He got up there too quickly for me to switch the camera over to record.

Well, it is snowing and I will need to get a better picture that I posted with this an hour or so ago. I actually took some video and some stills. You can see some movement but little accumulation as the ground is too warm for it to stick at that point. Now it collecting everywhere but the lane and the driveways. Birmingham had the possibility of 2-4 inches.

I am from the North but have lived in Alabama since the summer of 97. Snow is not such a big deal in Illinois of course but down South? I know the kids are dreaming of sledding, making snowmen or snowball fights and no school on Monday, LOL. Fortunately we did do not have to be out driving in it today. I normally go on grocery errands on Sunday but it can wait a few days. I worry more about ice than snow and of course, there are no plows or salt trucks. Just sand.

This was taken about 7:30 when the snow started. I'll update later...........

It's making me cold just looking at this stuff. Hot chocolate anyone?


  1. I love that Twisted Sister block! Aren't you clever to do all your cutting for two tops at once. Like you said, the sewing machine will be smoking as you chain piece those puppies! Cute picture of Skyler - must be pre-jump. Yes, your weather today is definitely, "stay at home safe and warm quilting and drinking hot chocolate" weather. I do believe you have the weather today that we had last Thursday. That is ok, we were done with it anyway--glad to share! LOL

  2. Bright ~ Happy ~ Cheerful This quilt has fun written all over it. Yes, some little one will love it and the second one you get out of all that cutting as well.

    SNOW!! fun to watch if you can be indoors and don't need to be out in it as I know you are not thrilled with driving in questionable to stay inside and watch and enjoy.



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