Feb 26, 2009

I got nuthin'...........

Well, it has been one of those weeks where little is getting done here creatively. No finishes of any kind but then I didn't really expect to have any either. Do you count the following as creative or just part of the process?
  • made and applied a pompom to that golf head cover when DH said he might play golf today
  • wove in the ends on 5 dishcloths that I had knit
  • crocheted another dishcloth just for something different----I don't think I had crocheted any actual objects since the granny squares in the 70's! Had to google how to do a Half double crochet stitch, LOL. I am knitting one more to use up the yarn but I pretty well set for dishcloths right now
  • cut out the strip sets for my Twisted Sisters class this coming Saturday
  • applied the inner muslin border to my Cheese and Crackers top at our quilt meeting on Tuesday. I said I was not going to leave till I get that done. I was the first one there and the last to leave, LOL.
  • stapled the loose protective covering on the bottom of the couch and love seat yesterday when DJ helped me flip them over to get at it. 12 of Skyler's puff balls under the couch, 6 under the love seat---no surprise there!
Nothing much picture worthy in that list. I forgot to take my camera to the meeting as I had a whole trunkful of stuff to haul with me this time since I was sewing plus a thread order to deliver, etc. Pat had a sweet quilt for a little girl that I need to corral DJ to hold up.

I helped a few of the girls to make a hot iron cover like the one in my tutorial HERE. Linda C got hers done except for the fitting to her own iron. Woohoo! Since we didn't have ribbon to match and had extra bias strips for the finishing edge, we used the extra strips to make self ties. That plan worked out nicely once I remembered how you fold the fabric to make them. A good learning experience for Linda since she learned how to cut bias strips, how to offset her 1/4 inch seams, how to do a binding join and few other things along with it. Others just wanted the pattern to take along to try at home. (One girl is going to try to make a little teeny one for her Hobbs iron and we discussed how she might go about doing that. )

I swapped out machines because I have intended to start sewing the TwSis strip sets for several days now. I want the Janome Gem for this project since that is what I will haul to the workshop. I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday and still have some paperwork that needs tending. The days have been busy but as I said earlier, no real production and very little sewing.

My friend Judy called yesterday to see if I could get away and run up with her to Boaz as she had a couple quilts to deliver to the long arm quilter. I should have stayed home, I guess, but it was more fun to get out the house, LOL. Here is what followed me home---yeah, more 30's fabric. As much as purple tones are my fav color, I have little purple in the 30's prints and used half of it in the Cheese and Crackers. Just half yards. The buttons may work for the "Be Attitudes" quilt-let. I need something that looks like the cherry on top of the cupcake for the March block. I have a button collection so if they don't work, no biggie.

We had a good time and had a nice visit plus hit two fabric spots, went window shopping at the home dec outlet store and a delish lunch at the Mill Street Deli. (SW chicken wrap---yummy!) Spotted some Bradford Pear trees starting to bloom and some of the forsythia is coming out along the drive but it was pretty overcast today. We may have some storms coming in the next few days but I sure hope it is nothing like the hail and two tornadoes in the area we had recently. DJ has found that the shed screen needs replaced as does my bedroom window from the quarter sized hail we had.

I've been essentially busy in the kitchen ever since I got home and sat down to write this note. Threw a roast into marinate for tomorrow, made some spinach manicotti for supper. Is there any easier way to fill those things? I tried a stuffed ziploc bag with a little success. I re-loaded my munchie veggie tray and still need to put some pinto beans on for an overnight soak. I am craving chocolate so I would not be surprised to be whipping up a pan of brownies to get THAT out of my system, LOL.

Hope you have had a good day in whatever you chose to do----------


  1. Have fun at your TwSis class tomorrow!
    If the Bradford Pear trees are starting to blossom then spring must be 'just around the corner' in your neighborhood! :)

  2. I'm going to have to search your site for dishcloths. And I saw the cutest button shop online the other day; I'll have to find it again and send you the link. Enjoy your class... maybe I'll make one along with you? LOL

  3. I would say you have been busy doing a whole lot of finishing!!! wsy to wrap up all the many bits and pieces needing done. Hope the class today was totally fun


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