Feb 18, 2009

50 blocks

The little king of all he surveys---pausing between birdwatching and puff ball chasing.

I finished up the 50 blocks that I need for Cheese and Crackers last evening after supper. Woo-hoo! Easy chain piecing--just keep feeding them in one right after the other. I had to a bit of color switching around at the end to try to keep 4 different colors in the blocks but that was easily accomplished.

I had thought about starting on the pieced border today and letting the top assembly wait till the virtual retreat on Saturday when the other FABs can join in. We are possibly in for some storms today so I don 't know that I will sew today. Not knowing when it might blow in, I unplugged the sewing machine when I quit for the night. It might be a better plan to pick up the sewing room a bit.

I'm thinking about redwork Santa stitching today. Maybe shop the stash for the "Twisted Sister" class later in the month? I'll find something to do, no worries there!


  1. Skyler is just adorable, he has such a busy life, it's amazing he's still long enough for you to get a picture.
    The 30's prints are just adorable, the Cheese and Crackers blocks look just perfect!

  2. I love the picture of the "Little King"! Way too cute!

    So 50 blocks are done...just like that! You are speedy. I read Pam's post and she is talking about "cheese spread". Is that what you have there, your cheese and crackers blocks spread out on the table? LOL I love your choice of fabrics. Although we are both working in 30's repros, our quilts will look different as my fabrics are not the same as yours. I love the darker blue fabric--are those dogs on the blue background?

    I am looking forward to the sew-in on the weekend. I haven't had any time this week to advance my project any further so I will be picking up where I left off Sunday night.


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