Feb 10, 2009


TADA--- a finish!

Here is the little quilt that has been keeping me out of mischief the past couple days! Sunday I cut and fused. I think I got the top wing set a little differently because my V is a bit higher than they show in the book. It doesn't bother me though---just sayin'. Yesterday, it was buttonhole applique followed by machine quilting. The machine was NOT happy by the time I got to SID around the letters. I cleaned and changed the needle and all that after I finished but I have a feeling it about ready for a trip for servicing. I use this one hard---and frequently. The Belles met today and I took the last stitch in the binding within a half hour of departure time.

Nice day today--we didn't get bogged down with pinning the greater part of the meeting. We had plenty of book, magazine looking and chatting.

This is one quilt that was turned into today, a heart memorial quilt for our friend Sarah. Actually the top is one that was made by Theramae who passed away as well. I quilted it and her daughter Jane did the hand finishing on the binding. I am in the process of gathering more heart blocks for HER quilt.

The dish cloth knitting continues in the evenings. I am half way through a 3rd cloth or as far as this skein of yarn will take me till I get one more. Tomorrow I plan on doing some preliminary cutting for Cheese and Crackers as Norma and I have talked about doing this one for quite some time. I'll pick something to sew on as well--- probably that string top I set aside last week to attack the scrap bag. For a bit tonight though, I think a few stitches in the next Santa redwork block.

Till next time---thanks for stopping by!


  1. Two wonderful finishes!

    Sarah's memorial quilt is very pretty and I LOVE your angel quilt! It's so nice that you are working on 'a little something for you' as well as for others!

  2. Love your little Valentine quilt/wall hanging! Great colors, very folksy.

  3. What wonderfully appropriate quilts for the week leading up to Valentine's Day! You are really moving along with the Be Attitudes quilts! I love the quilting on the heart quilt! I guess I better get moving on the pre-washing of my fabrics for Cheese and Crackers so I can keep up to you on that one! LOL I am looking forward to making that quilt--it has been on our lists for some time now.

  4. This is the first time visiting your blog and I love it so much. Great quilts. I love the t shirt tutorial. Thanks for sharing.


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