all in a day's "work"

The FABs virtual sew-in started around 10 CST at my house with time out for meals, meal prep and gabbing with whoever was in IM a the time. What fun!

I am done sewing for the day and my back, shoulders and knees will thank me to get my butt out of this chair! The pieced border/inner border is planned for tomorrow and Monday but I am getting closer to a flimsy. The lighting is not the best but look who had to test it out with some rolling around and marking it, kitty style.


  1. It certainly was a fun day. I think when we work together on these projects we are more likely to finish them and less likely to add to our UFO pile! We seem to be able to cheer one another on to the finished stage (at least to the flimsy stage). Skyler didn't waste any time trying that quilt out, did he? LOL

  2. What a pretty quilt top! You got a lot done, and have a wonderful quilt tester to try it out for you. Glad you had fun!

  3. oohh-la-la! How pretty! :)

  4. oh how cute. I sure miss my cat, but my dog seems to like quilts as much as my cat did. Oh yeh... the quilt looks great too.:-)

  5. This turned out so cute! Are you keeping it for *you*?


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