Feb 5, 2009

Quilts Hiding The Scrap Bags

Yesterday after spending some time on my February Santa block, I could not decide what to work on after that. I just have a bit more to do with the heavier perle cotton and it will be done. Golf head cover is about done too but I would rather knit during TV viewing time so that would be a good project for tonight.
I ended up pulling a couple of projects out of the UFO hamper but nothing really excited me---too much cutting to be done, not thrilled about making pinwheels right now, don’t feel like doing HST’s either and other various excuses. How about those string blocks that Theramae had left behind? She had 31 made up so I would only need to make 4 more plus the sashing sections for a donation quilt. Ahhh, strings are just the ticket when you want to do some mindless sewing.
I got a good start on the top in the afternoon and evening. I always treat the sashing as part of the blocks as it is easier for me to NOT attach a long skinny string of sewn sections to a row of blocks. The sashing and cornerstone strip sets were counted up, cut, sewn and sub-cut. The bottom sashing piece is applied to all the blocks and two blocks for the top row are joined. Ugh on pulling the paper from the back of it but part of the process. BUT no sewing for a few more days as I’m setting it aside till I get some strip cutting done.
See that little wire basket? After I spent 4-5 days cutting my way my scraps several years ago I had promised myself that I would not let the scraps pile up. After all, it started rather benignly with that little basket once before. Over time it progressed to something like that shopping bag next to it. The bag was stuffed and ripping so it ended up in an even larger shopping basket. Finally the large hamper type basket shown HERE was stuffed to the gills. Push came to shove, LOL.
I was digging in both the bag and the basket yesterday to make those few string blocks. Problem is, that basket was again stuffed clear to the handle with scraps. Actually it also had some usable yardage that needed to go back with the remaining yardage in case I need it down the line in another project. The remaining contents are pressed and ready to be cut.
Now that bag is NOT “me” originated---it was Theramae’s stuff that we did not farm out to the other Belles. It has been riding around in my car since I thought we might use some of it at one of the meetings. We may still but it will be easier to just ask them to bring their machines and let’s sew some(Fill in the blank) blocks. I need the trunk space and the bag won’t fit anywhere in the house as it is. Not really anywhere in the closet at the meeting spot to just hold it either. Push came to shove again.
I’ve got plenty of ideas of what to do with the pieces. Theramae and I were making triple rail blocks and between us, I think I have enough blocks for about half of another donation quilt. (That link above shows you one such quilt in progress.) I want to make one like THIS down the line---Grandma’s Scrap Bag from Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company, my mom’s version. Come to think of it, I might have even cut strips for hers as well, LOL. Anyway, those quilts both take 2 inch strips. Railroad Crossing blocks like THIS would also make a dent in the strips and those can be any width. You know, I really should pull that quilt out and get back to the hand quilting!
2 1/2 inch---faux log cabin is one that would be fun to re-visit. We made a ton of those about 5 years ago but some of the new members haven’t used that pattern.
3 1/2 inch squares? My favorite 3-D bowties--the other ongoing project. That “Two of a Kind” quilt that intrigues me so much needs 3 inch strips— make that 3 x 5 1/2 rectangles and 3 inch squares but just as easy to just cut the strips out now.
Plenty of quilts hiding in those scrap bags, I would say! Back to pressing and planning. My back thanks me for the sit down job of posting, LOL.


  1. These scraps take over if you let them don't they?

    I've decided I'm going to tame my strings this year! The goal is to make a bunch of different log cabin quilts with them... I started with Straight Furrows that I finished (top only)Monday but I'm planning lots of variations. The blocks go pretty quickly so wish me luck!

  2. Sounds like you have lots of good ideas to use lots of strings!

  3. Always plenty to choose from at in your stash. What a nice variety. I'm with you...mindless sewing projects are a good thing to grab when you wanna do something but aren't up for thinking about what it is you are doing.

    I don't usually include sashings with the blocks but should...I think it is a matter of retraining myself, it really does make for easier finishes.


  4. "Cheap Trick" version of "Two of a Kind" uses 2.5x4.5, 2.5" & 5" square pieces if that works better with your stash?

    I like to sash my blocks too. So much easier!


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