Mar 23, 2009

Move It Forward weekend

Hope you got to do something quilt-y this weekend.

Norma and I are always bouncing ideas off each other and tracking down websites and blogs that have quilts that we would like to try or that might be suitable for donation quilts. In some ways, that is bad because we have more ideas than time but mostly, that is great! We get an idea percolating and we are off and running. Perhaps in a slightly different tangent than originally planned, but we go with it.

To that end, we issued a "Move It Forward" challenge to whomever of the FABS was available for this Saturday. Could be an old UFO or just something you were dragging your feet about sewing, binding, quilting--whatever you needed a push to get going on. I chose my 4 patch stacked posie which has been antiquing for at least a year. I could go back through the blog entries but I would guess early 08 anyway. The picture above shows where I left off----the BEFORE shot. That stinkin' narrow border (cut 1 inch wide) about did me in and it got set aside.

There are 64 blocks and will be a square quilt---70 ish in size when finished, 8 rows of 8 blocks. I love how interesting the blocks look and I think it will be pretty quilt. I didn't get started sewing till Saturday after lunch so the AFTER pictures shows that I managed to get one row sashed and joined. The stack on the sewing machine table shows that the bottom sashing and the right side sashing w/cornerstones have been added to the other 56 blocks.

I hate to put this aside as I did have some momentum going on it. I might drag my machine and work on it at the meeting tomorrow. Best be deciding soon so I can finish packing up the car. I know feeling that the two pay projects will take and should take precedence. I'll probably need another nudge next month. The fact that it is a personal project normally would doom it from the beginning in my case but the FABS keep telling me how happy they are that I am making something for ME. We have found that it really does help to have someone else pushing you and cheering your progress with time out for chat on break time. Somehow it seems to make you more accountable then just setting a goal and then blowing it off in favor of something else.

I am so excited though! Norma officially began what she thinks should be called (and I agree wholeheartedly in this small world) International Quilting Day by finishing up the quilting on my bargello quilt. Woohoo!! HERE is the link to her post with pictures of the top beautifully quilted with Baptist Fans. I won't post the pictures here preferring to wait till it comes home and I put it on the bed. Knowing me, I will get that first sleep under it even if the binding isn't on, LOL. I had to go on a treasure hunt this morning knowing that it was one of two places in the bedroom. Because I was digging in both areas, I straightened them up and even have some stuff to donate to the thrift store the next time I am over that direction.

We have had cool mornings and by afternoon it is up in the 60's. This is what I call a"two shirt"s day---cool enough for a sweater or long sleeves in the morning and change to a short sleeved t-shirt by afternoon but not hot enough for my short sets. No rush for that as the heat and humidity will be here for months when they arrive. I love spring! I don't love the yellow pollen stuff that has just started but that is part of the process, I guess. I noticed that the tulip trees (not their proper name but what I have always heard them called) are out now. The Bradford Pears are done but the redbud is out and I have seen some flowering cherries or flowering plums. Next up will be the dogwoods, azaleas and wisteria. Actually just today on my trip into town, I did see one yard that has a few of their azaleas in bloom ---the dark pinks. The owner also has white and pink ones but I did not see them blooming yet. Lovely!

DJ has taken advantage of the nice weather to do some painting on the house. Others in the neighborhood are also in involved in outdoor projects. The neighbor that died left the house to his step-daughter and they just put a chain link fence so their dog has place to run. Across the road behind us a neighbor knocked down his existing privacy fence for some reason and seems to be putting up a more open variety. DJ of course is wondering why since they have a small pool in the backyard. I tell him he is asking the wrong person, LOL.

Well, I have some t-shirts to whack up and interface so best get cracking. Could probably toss the framing and shadow fabric in the wash too. Background is ordered but I can at least get started on the process.

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  1. your 4 patch posey blocks are just perfect and your bargello is beautiful!

    Hurray for all you accomplished on 'International Quilting Day' :)

  2. Beautiful blocks, Linda. I can't wait to see this one finished, and what a great quilt to keep for yourself!


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