Mar 21, 2009

National Quilting Day

I guess that this is considered the official National Quilting Day but I believe we quilters here in the U.S. celebrate it with sewing events at various weekends throughout the month. Normally I would be hard at work on some donation quilts here at home but I spent all week quilting my way through the "stack". I showed you two of the ones I did for pay in my post earlier in the week. I also did 5 donation quilts done since then. That just one leaves one that I will set aside for now. Of course, I will add 2 more to it when we pin my Twisted Sister tops. I have something else to do today'this weekend but will get to that in a minute.

DJ said it looks like we had a rabbit invasion around here. LOL, it kind of does! I have not put out the Easter decorations in several years so it is fun to see these again. Since I won't take pics of the donation quilts till the bindings are completed, this is what you get for post pictures---past crafts and such. Even the "Be Kind" be-attitudes block I prepped last night has a rabbit on it. I'll get a picture of it once it is hung on the wall though as I still need to do the button hole applique and hand applique touches to bring it to life.

So what are you looking at here?
Above, the Easter wreath that I made several years ago. I do not have a clue about the pattern source at this point or if I even still have the pattern to go look. I used to hang it on the door between the utility room and the kitchen. However, we took that door down several years ago. (It was just in the way especially when you opened the utility room storm doors to let some cross breeze through.) Not to be deterred, I dug out the hanger from one of the Christmas decoration boxes and put it up on the inside of the living room door.

We just re-connected to a satellite TV service so we are back to a box on the entertainment center. No more decorating surface up there again. Still, Fleece and Floppity beanie babies found a spot they could sneak onto.

Proceeding up the hallway you can see that I put in the rabbit insert to my Katrinka Designs multi-seasonal banner. I love the little pompom that I used for the tail but Skyler better not see it or he is apt to want to paw it off there. I hung my little floppy legged bunny from the rod as she just won't sit up anywhere. I used some same fabrics in her outfit that are in my appliance covers, LOL.

Next up on the opposite side of the hall---about the only decorating space left in the house so it is over crowded.

Top shelf--a little ceramic bunny container that my mom made on the left. Purchased resin bunny but I think it might have been a secret pal gift. Little bunny basket with wooden eggs, I picked up at a craft sale. Those had to be glued down to keep Pippi from digging them out!

The cookie cutters hanging from the knobs were a secret pal gift though I have never actually used them for cookies, come to think of it.

The quilt is one I made from Tonee White's Appliquilt. Not sure if I decided one of the carrots should be wilted or she did but I think it adds a whimsical touch regardless.

I also made the Gardening Rabbit and the accessories. Well, not the watering can but the other stuff. The cabbage was styrofoam balls covered with raffia paper twist. I painted the purchased wheelbarrel though and tracked down the veggies in it---also glued down to keep Pippi from running off with them. I didn't have room to put up the Easter egg tree but then I am not entirely sure which box it is in either.

Lastly, the computer/sewing room. Two little resin bunnies---him and her. I changed the desktop wallpaper to a cute one from the Debbie Mumm site in honor of the holiday and switched out the insert to the door welcome sign.

Today I am going to participate in a Move It Forward challenge with any of the FABS that want to do so. 4 Patch Posie that got hung up in the sashing phase. I'm won't do the next one like that skinny stuff but love the idea of just four pieces in the Stack and Whack.

Next week will be busy---doctor's appointment, Bama Belles early in the week. I have been asked to make another t-shirt quilt for a client of the quilt shop many of us use for long arm quilting. I knew it was a possibility when Judy and I ran some tops up to Susan and she asked if I was interested. She called mid week to say it was definite and the box of shirts arrived yesterday. Looks like I will need to round up some background fabric first though. As payment Susan will quilt my Cheese and Crackers top and reimburse me for the supplies I use. I asked if she would consider quilting my 92 x 102 sized quilt in lieu of payment as chances are she would have gotten the top for quilting anyway. I think we both win on this one! In addition, Judy dropped a quilt off that she made for a fund raiser for a group she belongs to. She is paying me to put the binding on it--machine and hand finish if that is my choice--as that is not her strong suit. Busy, busy as always

Well off to see what I can get done on the Posies to move it along. I need to go walk but there is frost on the ground and down in the 30's when I got up. I'll squeeze it in sometime this morning--like when it hits mid to high 40's if there is no wind. Either way, I am out of here for now.


  1. I love the bunny invasion! I am ready to celebrate National Quilting Day with you whenever you are ready. I am undecided just which project to work on as I have several that need the push to be moved on to completion. After another cup of coffee, I will have to firm up that decision and get on with it. LOL

  2. I love the bunny invasion, too! A little later, I plan to finish up the tote bags I started yesterday :)

  3. well, you certainly decorated! good to see all the fun stuff-nice progress on your posie top


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