May 16, 2009

lazy day

Skyler is shown chasing a puff ball under the Twisted Sister top I quilted yesterday---this one is mine and I'll drag it along in the car next week to bind. Actually my donation quilt stack which one had 6 or 7 piled up in it is now down to one. I did three tops for Linda C over a two day span but had no binding for any of them so she is getting them back to take care of that part of the job.

It has been a rather lazy day here so far. I walked this morning and did a load of wash since I will be packing for my trip soon. I also drove into town to drop some books off at the library and over to our meeting place to drop off the risers, pins, clamps and batting. I chatted with any of the FABS that were available this morning. DJ and I went out to lunch (all I have to do is suggest grilled cheese sandwiches as our only lunch option. I love them more than him obviously, LOL). Other than going on a treasure hunt for a pattern I had misplaced and playing on the computer I am NOT getting any sewing done as I intended.

Actually I think you could call some of my playing "quilt research" as I found some ideas of what to do with large focus prints by the gallery inspiration pages for Heather Mulder Peterson's book Livin' Large. Now that is something to look for at the next quilt shop trip. One pattern sort of reminds me of the "Chiclet" pattern that was so popular on the net a few years back but one big square versus 16 or 25 small ones would work for me!

DJ has an "appointment" with me for a haircut so I guess I better quit goofing off or just decide that sewing on my "Two of a Kind/Cheap Trick" isn't going to happen today. Before you know it it will be time to start supper.....and I'll wonder just where did the day go?


  1. Great job on working on the donation quilts! Now you will be able to enjoy your own projects :)

  2. Our weekend spent in research activiites was fun! There are so many ideas bouncing around in my head now that I can hardly wait to get my machine back from the repair shop!


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