May 4, 2009

this and that

I don't know how well this picture turned out but there were three birds out there that Skyler was trying to charm, one a cardinal and a pair of two others that I can't identify. I think there is a nest in the nearby holly bushes but haven't spotted it yet. They are squawky things with a fairly long beak and they torment him a goodly part of the day. It does not seem to bother the birds that I am in here with the TV or book on tape on either.

Norma was off on Friday so we had a sort of spontaneous "Move It Forward" thing going on. My "Two of a Kind" had been going slowly for a good part of the week but I have it up to the 11 of 21 row mark or the upper right corner is the actually corner top of the quilt's width at this point. I think we nudged Pat to get the borders applied on her Magic Trip Around the World though she was headed there anyway! See her blog for the finished top and a few posts back as to what makes this a magic method--pretty cool!

Yesterday after the grocery run I was busy in the kitchen so no sewing there. I had hardly sat down when another day's golf tournament DJ was following was pre-empted for continuous weather coverage. It was in the county just east of us and headed this way to the northern part of the county. Weather spotters apparently saw one on the ground near our little town. We didn't feel the house shaking and couldn't tell if there was rain or high winds at the time but didn't take any chances and went through our safety plan. Never lost power which was good because I sure needed those fans on after my kitchen stint. No way would we, stupidly, stand by a window or outside to look. It is still raining this morning---DJ said we had an inch in the rain gauge a few minutes ago.

No signs of lightning in the area so I will able to get the machine. A friend needs my help with some quilting--she tried but none of her machines were cooperating for various reasons. She brought over three pinned baby quilts on Saturday afternoon. It should go quickly with simple stitch in the ditch straight lines. I have 6 donation quilts piled up at this point so I'll probably keep pushing to get those done or near done this week. I'll definitely be ready to get back to my Two of Kind after that!

After I posted last Sunday, I had found out the May dates when this same friend and her husband would traveling through IL. Marilyn has family in MO, IA and MN while Roger has family in eastern NE so they drive within miles of where my parents and a brother lives. She asked if I wanted to ride along---I do-- but told my mom that I was not sure that I could be gone for 11-12 days especially since I have my Dream Trip to OR (DT2OR) coming up in August. DJ agreed to pick me up at the ATL airport----he better! A one way flight was arranged so I can be home in a week. Thanks, Mom!

Also last weekend the FABS finally nailed down the dates for our retreat. Two of girls needed to put in for their vacation time so it was decision time. Just set the dates and we'll work out the rest of the details from there was the plan and consensus. I have been watching airfare rates for some time to get a ballpark idea of rates but with Pam's help we looked at flights that would get me to her house a few days ahead of the retreat and closer to her home. We both have been waiting for this trip for 10 years!! We met in a yahoogroup back in 98-99 and swore this day would come, someday.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Cher in person on several occasions when she came east to see her sister who lives in the ATL area, approx 2 hrs away. Norma and I have become fast friends the past couple years through our blogs, emails, IM's. We aren't going to let something like the US/Canadian BC border stand in our way if I'm coming to PDX! Pat joined the 4 of us more recently, again through blogging, and I can't wait to meet her in person! The flights to and from are booked and I'm counting down the days (92 at this writing) I am still pinching myself.

So that's about it for this installment---darned near a pictureless post and likely to be that way for awhile. IIWII--------


  1. 92 days...I best be getting the guest room ready for you!! hurry 92 days hurry!!! We have waited 10 years and now I am like a cat on a hot tin roof and feeling like 92 days is worse than 10 years!

    You should be here is major major stormy...we could go down to the jetty and watch the waves! whoo hoo!!! wind gusts to 60 already!


  2. Pinch me too! I can hardly wait!

    Thanks for the spontaneous Move It Forward Day! We seem to make good progress on these days. More and more of my projects are making it to the flimsy stage. It is easier to stay focused when you are working with a friend!

  3. Oh Boy! Watch out Portland! We will be arriving soon :)

  4. Are your squawky birds mockingbirds? If so, nothing will bother them. They are the most nerve-y birds I have ever seen. There was a nest in the holly bush on the side of the house this spring, and I could hardly weed the flower bed because they tried to run me out of the yard! Screaming, dive-bombing me, you name it, they did it. They're obnoxious but I kind of like them. They used to beat up on my outside cats too. Skyler wouldn't know what hit him if he got in their path.

  5. I think we had your weather first, here in Tennessee... and I agree with you about the idiots that stand outside, watching for the funnel clouds!

    Glad you made it thru without losing power. ;)

  6. It is fun to see those projects moving forward, both friends and our own. I have 4 quilting friends who do that for me. Love the Skylar updates!


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