Aug 16, 2009

DT2OR report, part 2--lighthouses

Mostly from Wednesday August 5th

These will probably post in reverse order of when I actually saw them but if you were traveling south down the Oregon coast, it would be just right, LOL.

First up, the Umqua River lighthouse. Actually this one is quite a bit inland near S. Reedsport, Oregon. From what I read, the first lighthouse in this area was built on the sand and started to sink so this made for a better spot to place it. Try THIS link if you want to read about this spot or the ones that follow. We stopped to take this picture on the way up to Portland and the FAB retreat on Friday. Later we would cut inland towards Eugene and catch I-5 for the reminder of the trip to Fabric Depot and Cher's home.

This is the Coquille River lighthouse at Bandon. No doubt if you follow that link you can get a better, close up view. I took this on Thursday evening when Ed, Pam and I went to Bandon for supper and sightseeing. We got a fish dinner from a local fish market and drove down to the jetty to eat---and then down to the Pacific Ocean side for agate hunting and surfer watching. I share some of those pics in the next post. Ed offered to drive us up a little closer in but by that time my stomach was a little upset from the curvy roads on the way in and I passed. That meant we got to spend a little more time at the ocean anyway.

Here I am at the Cape Blanco lighthouse north of Port Orford--this is actually the 4th one as you travel down the coast. (I had left this out of my report in part 1.) We could have taken a guided tour but opted out though we did go inside the base of the building and caught a bit of what the tour guide was saying there. While in the area we drove down to what had been one of the lighthouse keeper's homes --Hughes Victorian home but it was closed for the day.

Next picture but not next as you drive south---3rd one down the line. This is about as close as we got to Cape Arago, near Charleston, OR on our Wednesday drive. Pam and I spotted the road in but there is no public access to it. Apparently it was a private drive to a bunch of homes judging from the number of mailboxes. Click the link online for a better view of it. I discovered the landscape view on my camera much too late to get a possibly better shot of it.

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  1. nice pictures Linda !
    I can hardly waite to see the quilt blocks of the light houses.
    Guess the next thing we will have to do is the Oregon Coast.


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