Aug 16, 2009

DT2OR report, part 3---Pacific Ocean

THURSDAY the 6th

(I am approaching 500 posts and will probably hit it by the time I am done posting about my vacation, LOL.)

Again these picture will be a bit out of sequence--though all on the same day, Thursday evening in Bandon. As I said in the previous part 2 posting, we had gone into Bandon for a little sightseeing, stopping at the shops to get some cranberry candy and some souvenirs. We saw the cranberry bog area on the way over to Bandon off route 42S.

I tried to get a picture of the folks crabbing down off the docks near the fish market and pier. You can rent the crab cages by the hour and of course they have things set up for the commercial fishing people as well. Some are for oysters. There was a harbor seal moving about apparently looking for some of the catch or scraps from the fisher people cleaning fish.

This is the Pacific Ocean up close and personal. There were several surfers out there trying their luck. A bit overcast and breezy but what a sight to see!

Pam and Ed watching the ocean and taking a break from picking up agates and other interesting rocks. Ed got me a piece of petrified wood and there was a rock (quartz?) with moss embedded in it. Those are in my box of stuff I mailed back to myself which should arrive tomorrow along with the dirty laundry, fabric I bought, gifts from the FABS which includes two jars of home canned sockeye salmon from Norma--well padded!

Below me at the ocean--and the jetty in Bandon. Pam asked if I dipped a toe in but I didn't want to get my shoes wet (had to wear them most of the week after all) and it was a little chilly out with the wind blowing. I called DJ to report where I was and what I was looking at!

Earlier in the day Ed gave me a bread kneading lesson along with many helpful hints from his baking days like how to make cinnamon paste and smear it on like spackle instead of melting butter and brushing it on. Baking smear for the pans from flour, shortening and oil was another though they kept big batches of it around---I am guessing it is similar to the idea of Baker's Joy spray. We elected not to frost or glaze the cinnamon rolls but later I mixed up a batch of cream cheese frosting for those that wanted it. In between risings Ed was manning the grill for lunch---yummers, steak and veggie kabobs.

Oh and that evening, we were looking online for a bubble solution recipe as we needed it to fill the ice cream cones I had mailed out earlier in the summer without it. We used up almost every bit of dish soap that Pam had and definitely emptied out what remained in a corn syrup bottle.

Pam stayed out of the way while we made the rolls and finished up her friendship block sewing along with some retreat badges for the FABS. I was giving Pam fits because I was too interested in rolling out the dough than looking at the camera---one, two, look away, LOL.

We had plans to do a few others things during my stay with Pam and Ed--walking the loop was one of them but we just ran out of time or it was raining. Still, it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them before the retreat and see their part of the state through their eyes.

We did stop at another quilt shop on Wednesday after the trip to the scenic overlooks, parks and lighthouses, Forget Me Knots in Bandon. Apparently it has been in several locations over the year but is now in the area where the Bandon Cheese company once stood. I purchased the Umpqua River lighthouse pattern there as Pam said I would be seeing that one on our way to Portland---and if I didn't see it, then I had to wait to make that one till I did, LOL. Lots of lovely fabric to be found. I can see how it is Pam's favorite area quilt shop.

Next up the FAB retreat and PDX visit.

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