Oct 13, 2010

WIP Weds. wk 42

One "giftie" is officially in the hands of the USPS, as of a few minutes ago. Well, make that two "gifties" if you want to count my niece's t-shirt quilt. BUT I still can't show you what I have been working on till I know that the receipent has opened it. Furthermore, I am working on another gift for another pal and can't show you that one either.

So, what is this pile? A stack of quilting that awaits me each and every day. A few get done and more get added. Somehow that pile stays about the same heighth. The top 4 are donation quilts while the lower stuff is personal projects of various vintage. One of them I want to disassemble and re-set the blocks differently. The bottom one is a full sized bed quilt that needs just 7 or 8 more blocks quilted, naturally the ones that are hardest to get at with a domestic machine. Maybe once the deadline work is done. I still have the FAB fall challenge and the annual Bama Belle fabric challenge to go though the former's deadline is looming in about 2 wks time. I know what I want to do and have all the supplies on hand to get started---probably tomorrow.

There is also a list started on things I would like to do, that are not UFOs or WIPs. The tip of the iceberg here-------
  • October, November calendar quilt blocks to embroider. Then finish up August, Sept at the same time
  • Avocato---the Belles gave me some birthday money to spend and some of it went for this. I want to show them how I used their generous gift, sooner than later.
  • a sewing machine cover for the old Singer---the pillowcase works but looks tacky, LOL. A sewer/quilter can do better
And so it goes. Do we ever really get caught up or just add more to the pile? Binding awaits----------


  1. I worked on binding today, too!

  2. Linda, the pinwheel quilt caught my eye. My daughter has a favourite story book from when she was little (she's 11 now) and the reason we love the book so much is because it has cats (her favourite subject) and a very pretty pinwheel quilt which is so very similar to the one in your pile.

  3. What a stack of loveliness there!!! Enjoy your binding time!!


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