Jan 16, 2012

all in a day's work

Who would of thought that piecing two batts would take the better part of a day??  But it did.

The first one wasn't too bad since I had a fairly wide piece from the extra length of batting cut for a "wider than 48 inches" top from last week.   That probably had about 5 seams total.    The 2nd one?  14 seams total as I was essentially dealing with long strips anywhere from 7.5 to 11.5 inches wide to build it up to about 58 wide.   Even that little bit marked 9 x 56 has 6 seams in it as I was down to the last bits of batting.  Now, I may be handed a bag of cutaways when I get to the meeting site next meeting OR worse, there are some hiding in the closet.

These batts are for two of the tops in the closet here at home.  Dec 2010 on this one.  Prairie Window Romance Challenge.   Pattern source:  Quiltwoman.com.   I still need to mark the top in a wide grid or that WAS my plan once upon a time.

The other slightly smaller one is for the Picnic  BQ 1.   More recent flimsy completion on it though  Sept. 2011.  Pattern source:  Maple Island Quilts.  The edges look a little blah but it will have that red dot binding

Well, cross one thing off this weeks' short term goals.  Tomorrow's plan will be:

  • Cut, sew and press some navy binding for Disappearing Nine Patch.  Apply it if I have time.
  • Press the binding for February
  • Mark the grid on Prairie Window
See how I make out since I have a couple home tasks that need tending as well.  

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  1. It looks like you had a very productive day today - a great start to the week! It is amazing how many quilt batts you can make from the leftover batting bits from previous projects. I know some people can't be bothered piecing batting bits together, but I think it only makes sense to do so.


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