Jan 18, 2012

at it again--edited

It seems that I cannot quite quit tinkering with my Re-vamped Oxmoor House quilt.  I'm at it again!  I am playing in EQ with the design.

Oh I did the boring stuff yesterday with the binding but it didn't get sewn on the quilt yet.   I still need to study up on how to program the sewing machine to do lettering for the QOV label if I go that route.  I didn't get the Prairie Window top marked yet either.   What's another day??

I have been thinking about this re-design for about a week and may have mentioned it as being a hold up to actually sewing on this thing.  I decided to bump up the width to 64 inches so maybe I could come closer to being able to use this on my bed.  I played around with it last night till almost 9:45.   Other than filling a 4 x 27 inch space with "something" I was satisfied with the arrangement when I went to bed.

Because I want to include a previously made redwork piece and a feathered star, I needed to add another 16 inches to the length.  The feathered star was made for a round robin but I set it aside when the moderator was not sharing my vision that it be set on point by the person who followed me, LOL. I eventually substituted with a fall theme that I DID put on point to start with.. The redwork was for a small wall hanging but I totally messed up the quarter square triangle that were to frame it.  Too pretty NOT to put somewhere, right??   It will also fit the bed a bit better to get up to 80 inches of length before borders are added.  This also gives me an opportunity to include some other blocks I had considered and did not have room for.

 EQ does NOT make it entirely easy to just adjust the the center rectangle and retain the sizing of the blocks that are in the rows above it in custom set.  The width might stay the same but the blocks elongate to fill the space meaning it ALL has to be adjusted and re-positioned on the worktable.  You might as well just start over which I did.  The photo above shows my progress in that regard and represents about an hour's work.

Before I actually get started back piecing/appliquing the sampler blocks, I need to know what size blocks I need, even an idea about coloration is helpful.   I have some of the foundation pieced sections printed off already but the sizes may have changed as I try to get the puzzle all put together.  Since I have a mixed bag of tricks going on here, it should be fun to work on this.  It contains some of  my favorite quilt elements all in one quilt plus it is Christmas!

So it would appear that seaming some binding is all the sewing I will get done at least part of this week too.  Oh you all know that won't last too much longer, LOL.   Hope you are having a good day in whatever you chose to do--------

ED. NOTE:   And here is what I am going with---ignore the wrong colored square in square feather star block.  Too lazy to try to replicate what it really is.  Blank spots are appliqued blocks and the lines on some of the blocks are to help me know what size to print the motifs.


  1. Linda, your quilt is going to be so pretty! I love the feathered star block. Where did you find that pattern? I've been looking for just the right pattern, and I think that might just be it! Also, LOVE the yellow computer!

  2. I am so impressed with your EQ skills! I agree, those two blocks are way to pretty not to find a home in this quilt!

  3. Wow! Linda this is going to be awesome when you get it finished. I sure have a lot to learn about EQ.

  4. WOW!! I agree with Linda - this quilt is going to be AWESOME when you get it finished!! I repeat - WOW!! - ;))


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