Feb 27, 2014

not much to report

If you are looking for quilting content, I am afraid you have come to the wrong place.  I am just not in the mood and frankly, the estate matters are taking up a bit of most days.   I am posting anyway as many of you have been so supportive these past few weeks and probably are wondering how things are going.  I appreciate all the cards and emails you have sent.  The offers to call if I need someone to just listen meant a lot.  I thank you for the concern for me and my family.

I am NOT trying to do everything all at once.  Baby steps.    Rather I jot a couple things down that I would like to address and then try to take care of it.   Tuesday I went to Bama Belles but knew I had to empty out his chest of drawers and his desk as I offered them to one of my gals.  ( She has a daughter with another year of college to go, her mom living with her and the two of them are raising three young nieces. I thought of her first.)   They came to pick it up today.  A little minor cleaning this afternoon.  Skyler is going to be upset when he realizes that his morning napping spot is gone along with the chair he treated as a scratching pad.  I decided to move his perch from the sewing room into there but have to wait for the adhesive on the Velcro strip to set up completely first.

One day I spent my time calling the utilities to get service switched, another day, it was cancelling the credit cards.   I sold my Taurus to my neighbor as I didn't need two cars and twice the insurance.  Good thing too as her old vehicle is having a brake line trouble.  One day I baked a good portion of the day and didn't do a thing on my list.  My neighbors got some fresh baked muffin, there is a loaf of quick bread for the quilt show set up day and one loaf sliced up for coffee break time in my freezer and the Belles enjoyed a Red Velvet Poke Cake.  I wanted to try the recipe, not eat a whole cake.  Yesterday I took care of thank you notes, emails and notifications.  The next day I cooked some food ahead---no fun for just me.

I do admit to doing some "crazy lady" things late at night like moving all but the entertainment center in the living room all around.  It started with just swapping lamps and escalated. I had to put it back were it was, because that is the only way it will all fit unless his recliner finds a new home.  And it might or it might go to the bedroom or it might stay right where it is.  I slept well once I got done with all that mess though

Things are up and down emotionally.  I was touched at some of the things I found in his desk and chest of drawers.  It will help with some of the car and home maintenance jobs.  Finding the Valentine he had bought ahead for me really set me off.  My stomach is often in knots, my not sleeping is better some nights, worse others.  I know I am stressed but trying my best.  I miss him terribly especially a meal times.  We might have been doing our own thing throughout the day but we did have most of our meals together.  Those flowers block the empty chair.

I was so disgusted with my cheap tracfone while I was away that I got a new one late last week.  It has way more bells and whistles than I really need.  Android phone but still a tracfone service.   I took that picture of the gorgeous flowers my friend Bev gave me with it, above, for example but if this proves to be a reliable alternative I will consider dropping my land line.  There are also some quilt pictures of some of the turned in quilts on the phone too but I handed the phone to Janet and I was the quilt holder, LOL.  Not entirely sure how to get the pics off the phone other than emailing them back to myself.  Oh, I see there is a "from your phone" option for me to explore.   I'll figure it out.  Learning how to use my new toy has kept me occupied a bit too.

Tomorrow I will need to work on the guild newsletter.  Friendship Quilters is gearing up for the biannual quilt show on the 8th and the newsletter has that last minute information for the event.  I am not signed up to anything more than deliver my entries but I will go over with Jane and Aline on Saturday afternoon for a 3 to close shift.   Will have to stay for take down to get my quilts.  Beyond that I don't plan much and try to take each day, sometimes just the next hour as it comes.

But no real thoughts of sewing-----the closest I came was looking up the numbers my sister sent for her daughter's nursery colors.  Lunar Eclipse, Hidden Meadows, Galactica and Kiss Me Kate.  She said Olympic Paint from Lowe's and when I was out yesterday, I stopped for the paint strips so I can look for the fabrics for her wall hanging.  The baby's drag around quilt could be any fabrics I want to use.  They are doing with a nautical theme and so far it looks like sailboats for that one.  Nana and Mommy liked that idea the best.  Can do at some point though probably not the same pattern that they had looked at--stack and slash and that is just "not me".   Kristine's FIL painted one of the walls in a stripe like this.  Not sure what he used on the other 3, LOL but will find out.  I love the galactica shade--kinda aqua to teal in tones on the paint strip.

And so it goes-----


  1. Hi Linda, your GA neighbor here. Just wanted to let you know I think of you often. I was telling my daughter the other day about my friend in Alabama, well I have never met her, just online, but she is still my friend...

    Isn't this internet thing awesome? Get to meet people you never would before, stay connected with the outside world, which is great for folks like me who work at home and sometimes feel isolated. So stay busy and stay in touch, big hugs coming your way. Thanks for the update!

  2. It sounds like you are having a "normal" process. Just take it slowly and don't hesitate to call someone for help when you need it.
    You should be able to hook the phone to your computer and use it as a computer drive. Although you may need to install some software, depending on the brand of phone. That way you don't have to use your data sending pictures to yourself.


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